January: All Things New

 All Things New

Are you in a rut?
Has the new year dragged you absolutely down?
Are you ready for something new and different with this new year?
Are you tired of my rhetorical questions?

Well I thought I should have a bit more cohesion with my blogposts,
Don't worry, my blog will always be as delightfully sporadic as they usually are (or at least that what my mom says) but I'm thinking of having a sort of theme for each month and maybe having like 5 posts that go along with that.

Good idea? 
Bad idea?

I was thinking I would write a few posts on turning a new leaf, starting something new and new adventures for the new year to begin for January

let me know what you think
look forward to these future posts:
✾How to Start a Blog
✾Starting Fresh: My experience as a College Freshman
✾Sticking to your New Years resolutions
✾How to get a new job + How to make a kick ass resume

Let me know if you have any other ideas
I really really appreciate them
have a great day
and please, keep it sassy,


  1. It's my birthday month, which is frustrating but also another chance to star anew, I hope!
    Good ideas :)

  2. Maybe you can make a blog post about starting a new job? I just got hired at Macy's as a beauty consultant and would love any tips on how to kick-ass at my new job. I have to convince people to buy make-up and health products and why they should buy from me, and it's commission-based and I have to look super professional and I'm totally new at this type of thing and very nervous!