How To: Start A Blog

How To: 
Start a Blog


Despite having my blog for a two years, I wouldn't call myself a blogging EXPERT by any means, however a few different people have asked me how to start a blog and I thought I'd share my experience and how I did it.

1) Pick your format
There are many different kinds of blogging platforms to choose! I've picked out my favorites and any of these would be a great way to start out.
Tumblr is essential. 
Pros: I find that Tumblr allows you to spread your word and meet people the quickest. Also Tumblr is the least confusing to use, you need not have extended HTML knowledge. Tumblr is great for the fandoms, say for example if you love Doctor Who, or Rookie Mag, you will meet millions of other people who love the same stuff that you do! And I reiterate tumblr is so easy to use, reblogging content is so easy even the ikea monkey could use it!
Cons: The site, in general isn't for professional looking blogs, (There are many instances when I am wrong), There are blogs on tumblrs, then there are tumblr-blogs on tumblr. For instance my tumblr, sasssquatch.tumblr.com (shamelessselfpromotion) is chock full of reblogged photos, I seldom post original blog-length content, I save that for my blogspot. Also tumblr is very ADHD, most people don't reblog super long posts. Tumblr is the baby of blogger and twitter and if your posts are too lengthy you may not get the attention you want or your posts will fade into obscurity. 

Blogger...what you are reading RIGHT NOW
Pros: This website is absolutely fabulous. I've used blogger since 09' and its given me nothing but joy and happiness. You need a bit more HTML knowledge to use this site but not too much, however if you want your blog to look dope like Mermaidens, you'll need some help (my blog is still a work in progress lol). I love this site because it is completely 100% your content, you can write long posts, fill them with whatever photos and no one should care. If they are on blogger, they expect lengthier posts and if they are the type of person who likes blogger blogs, I'm sure they'll like yours. Also I find that blogger blogs look more professional than anything else out there but that also depends on the beholders content.
Cons: Meeting people on blogger is really hard, also getting people to see your content is hard, I still havent gotten that all the way down. The mobile app for blogger is SO annoying and virtually impossible to blog on the go. Blogger can be disconcerting due to the fact that you really have to market yourself. Also google adsense is a BITCH, I'm banned from getting money for life and it really sucks because frankly, I'd like to not work retail for the rest of my life thanks! 

Other Sites That are AWESOME

Wordpress, Posterous and Squarespace are three other AWESOME blogging platforms, I have not actually given them a whirl, therefore I cannot speak on behalf of them BUT, from what I've seen they seem awesome. 
The biggest con of using those would just have to be that you can't cross comment and mingle with blogger accounts successfully!
but if use one of those PLEASE let me know down below in the comments how they are!
Also let me know if I'm forgetting any sites!

2) Decide What You Want To Write About
This is very important. 
Think long and hard about what you love and what you think you'd be able to write about for a long time. We are working towards longevity and we want your blog to be an outlet that runs parallel to your life allowing you to express yourself whenever you need it. Not this thing that either A) you forget about B) Feel like you have nothing to write about or C) You feel like you HAVE to write.
You should never blog because you think you should. You should pick a subject that you love so much that you WANT to blog.
I love fashion and feminism and movies and books and all these wonderful random different things, I kinda just made my blog about everything I love! I think basing your blog around that and not giving yourself a theme that is too strict is essential to a successful happy blog that grows with you!

3) Get a Camera and Take Photos
I'm not gonna lie, blogs that are all text sorta scare me.
I like being able to read text while looking at accompanying photos just so I get a comprehensive idea about what you are talking about. Whether you have a web cam or you use your photoshop skillz to create an awesome image please include those in your posts, you'll be glad you did.
Also remember that if you use blogger your photos will be on google, and to properly credit those whose photos you borrow.

This one is a bit self explanatory
Write to your hearts content,
write till you can write no more, just write everything that pops into your head and I guarantee you will find something awesome in the sea of letters. 
Also keep a pad of paper or get an iPhone notepad app to write down future ideas if you aren't able to write out a full fledged post right then.

5) Interact with Other Bloggers
You can leave comments for a reason.
This one I have a hard time with and its not because I don't like others peoples blogs, I just get busy and I like to spend my time on a persons blog. Anywho write a comment when you feel like it, if someones post inspired you! Don't just write "cute hat, check out my blog at unoriginalbloggerwhototallydidntreadyourpost.blogspot.com." Be earnest and you will make friends accordingly.
I've made some GREAT friends here and I'm so glad that I have.  Also interviewing someone is a great way to make a friendship that knows no social networking bounds.

6) Use Social Media 


Social media is the best way to market yourself, your blog and to spread the word
Its also a great way to make more interweb friends and to discover other blogs, I swear once you use these your blog will just sky rocket! <3

7) Other Tips:
-Post Frequently
-Don't Get Discouraged
-Don't be afraid
-Blog on your own time

I hope I helped any prospective bloggers! Blogging is my favorite part of my day, being able to extol my thoughts and feelings in this online format  and it has become a collection of all things I love. Blogging has made my life better thats for certain and I think it'll make your life better too!

Leave a comment if you just started a blog and I'll check you out
also leave a comment if you wanna be ninernet fwenz cause I love all of you!

Have a great day and I hope I helped
Please, keep it sasssy


  1. I couldn't agree more with purely text posts being a bit daunting. I like to have pretty pictures to look at!

  2. Caelan, normally i enjoy reading your blog, and the good fashion advice or just cute things that basically happen in your life, but this blog is way relevant! It is excellent and great advice on getting started. I've had a wordpress for about a month or so maybe a little bit longer so the only thing that i can say about my experience is that it takes some time to get used to it. I still haven't gotten a complete grasp on all the kinks, and although there are free layouts, you have to pay to customize them by upgrading. It is fairly simple to post though weather it be text or photos or anything really, its actually similar to tumblr in that regard. anyway Keep up the great work Miss Sasssypants.

  3. Thanks for the post, it's a great help! I started a blog back in June and have only just recently started using it regularly. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites and you're a bit of an inspiration to me haha



  4. I still can't get the hang of finding followers for my blog. I feel like I've tried everything to no avail! I wish I could afford to pin my posts on tumblr and such, but alas I'm too broke for anything like that.... *sigh*
    What's a bloggerer to do?
    I miss LiveJournal.com because it was SO easy to get subscribers (I had like 100!) and it felt more like a community. Maybe I'm missing something here?

    1. I'm still new to all this blog stuff too but now you have one more follower :)

  5. Such a great and down to earth guide (many are SUPER pretentious) and forget that it's fun! Thanks so much for posting this, it reminded me why I started a blog in the first place.
    -Megan A.K.A The Zombie Sockmonkey

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  7. And you forgot to add be as radical as you can ;)

    xx Domenic