Reunited and It Feels So Good
If you've only recently discovered my blog or my tumblr than you may not know about a hidden hobby of mine. Film photography. Now I know one might say "but Sasssquatch, you haven't posted anything in 5 years," and while to be accurate its only been 1 year, you are right my good fellow. I haven't shot in exactly a year. I can't exactly explain what happened. It wasn't necessarily a loss of interest, lack of monetary support or the fact that the last time I shot all my photos were ruined by sun damaged. It was sort of just a mutual break. I was exhausted and had begun to lose passion for it. I was afraid of my camera because I didn't want to lose any more photos not to mention I'm significantly more busy now than I was in high school. 

I brought my camera all the way to London and didn't use it once. 
My Olympus OM-1 had become a stranger and I had given up and forgotten our once so special bond.
Until today, I was hungover and not elated about anything, pants were not worn and I was just feeling gnarly, but my friend Sofi said..."We're taking pictures" and I woke myself up and headed out for an adventure.
While I wasn't sure what to expect, I bought a roll of film and green tea as usual. Then something just clicked as I opened the back of my camera to insert the film. Suddenly everything came rushing back to me, this was my baby, my art source!
My number one source of artistic expression and photographic freedom was back. And I can't describe how satisfying the "click" sound that I heard was when I snapped my first few frames.

And in that very moment for a brief second I felt like myself again.

Its easy to loose a sense of who we are when the real world begins swirling around us like we're caught in a whirlpool of work and responsibilities and commitments and dumb grown up things gasping for air when we can't even tell which way is north. But reconnecting with my camera gave me a tiny part of myself back.

I'm Caelan Hughes

I'm a writer AND a photographer

and even though this part of me was discovered like a puzzle piece stuck underneath the couch cushions, I couldn'tve been happier.

Here is my flickr
I will be uploading the roll I just shot as soon as I get it developed.

Also I need to take new portraits of me with my camera, the ones featured on this post were actually taken when I was 17 lol.
speaking of those photos, they were taken by the WONDERFUL and so INCREDIBLY talented Kinto Wolf Spirit Diriwachter (his real name) check out his tumblr HERE
Don't worry, he'll be featured as a Sasssquatch N' Friends, fried, soon enough <3

Well I must be off, I am writing this in class,
Have a great day,
and please, keep it sassy,

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  1. You know? I was thinking the same, lately. I have different analogic cameras and barely use them... I can't wait to see some new photos from you!