Becoming Brie Larson: Part 3

Becoming Brie Larson: Part 3

And you thought this series was over, THING AGAIN MY JUNIOR RANGERS. As you know my love for Brie Larson has just kept growing. As you know I'm a huge fan of The United States of Tara and anyone who got to season three knows about this bear dress.

its safe to say...

so yes, this dress was featured in season 3 right before Kate leaves for Japan 
and while Im not gonna give away any spoilers we all need to take a moment and acknowledge how cute this thing really is.

and she paired it was pink doc martens and a cute floral shirt

then I thought....I have all of those things AND MY OUTFIT WAS BORN

Outfit Details:
Dress: Lu Flux
Sweater: Betsey Johnson
Socks: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Doc Martens

So I love this dress, and I love Brie Larson, and having obsessions is fun and it keeps my days light and not sad.
To be honest this week has not been the best, a wonderful lady close to me passed away this week, and I'm feeling a bit rejected before birthday month so things like this make me happy.
Brie Larson makes me happy.
And this bear dress makes me really happy.

What makes you happy??

have a great day and PLEASE, keep it sassy,


  1. oooh ! cool blog! I have also doc Martens ! so lovely shoes ! and that bear dress ! BAM ! NICE ! ♥♥♥
    www.marie-lu-devos.blogspot.com !

  2. Is that the original dress she was wearing in the actual show? It's such a cute dress, it looks comfy too.

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  4. Hi!! I love your blog so I nominated you for the Leibster Award. Also, the rule is to nominate ones with less than 300 followers and you most likely have more than that but I still want to nominate you anyway. Please check it out! :-)



  5. this dress!! I saw it in UST and posted a pick of her wearing it to my own blog. and now I see that real life girls can have it too!!! loooove

  6. Oh my god you are literally the only person I know who likes united states of tara

    xx Domenic