Video Response To Jenna Marbles

Re: Re: Things I don't Understand about Girls Part 2 Slut Addition

Popular youtube vlogger JennaMarbles came out with this video about what she doesn't understand about "sluts"
I want you to watch it first before reading my opinions

Okay sassy reader, I know whats going through your head
and I want you to BREATHE. 

Calm down a bit, roll back your shoulders
despite how royally fucked up this video is, there are some WONDERFUL people on youtube who put your feelings in amazing eloquent words

these responses were better than I could put and they are so great and so informative 

The last one is particularly powerful for she herself is a victim of date rape.


So since the women before me did such an amazing job, I thought I'd just add a few last thoughts

Sorry I haven't been making videos as much as I said I would...I just don't really know what to talk about I guess, let me know if you guys have any idea
it certainly will prevent my early onset arthritis due to how much my fingers hop around my keyboard like fleas!

let me know if you want me to write out my full opinion but for now that is all

also enjoy this humorous response 
If you don't get that she is using hyperbole and being dramatic and sarcastic at times, go home hahaha

have a wonderful day 
and please keep it sassy,


  1. I never liked her, she annoys me... but it's terribly sad that so many look up to her. I sort of hope she loses subs and realizes how offensive she sounded.

    I would LOVE to see you do artsy OOTD videos, in the style of Marion from derpinamode. I think you would be so good at them!!!

  2. this post was so good. I wasn't aware of jenna's video, and man did i get mad when i watched it. But oh my god, the responses were so good they like totally wiped out my anger. If 3 or 4 girls makes brilliant videos in respnse to one shitty one I think thats pretty good. I really enjoyed your video too!

  3. Wowwwww. I hadn't seen this. And to top the video off with a John Mayer quote. -_- I think what saddens me the most is the amount of girl hate going on here, even if it's not deliberate. Your response is beautiful!

  4. Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore you, Caelan! I thought this was absolutely amazing and necessary. I actually have been a victim of slut shaming, to such a degree that it has affected my view on relationships and an inability to become physically close to guys. I witnessed my roommate post this video on her friend's facebook wall so that her and her friend could slut shame their ex-friend who had hooked up with someone's ex-boyfriend, and honestly it made me feel disgusted. It was wonderful for you and these other girls to really put my thoughts and feelings into words and it's already made me feel better. I fucking love you and am considering hopping on the feminist band wagon because so much of this spoke to me. We have a lot to discuss, sweet tea. I love you, I love you, I love you!

  5. I was equally as mad and frustrated and disappointed as everyone when I first watched this video. Then I watched it again.. and again and I kept posting Hayley's video on twitter because she explains slut shaming and why it's wrong so well. and I wanted people to be aware how dangerous this is.

    I've heard people that I know call themselves sluts because they've slept with 2 guys and that they feel guilty about it. And not only by their sex lives, but people judge by the way girls dress too - which is stupid and really fucked up. Just because they wear revealing clothes people automatically assume they have a lot of sex and thus they call these girls sluts.

    Or even guys who've had their hearts broken by a girl, they feel like it's okay to call them sluts JUST because she was """a bitch""" to them.

    I honestly did not expect this from Jenna. If you read the comments to Hayley's video, you'll be able to see all the misogyny and girl hate, especially ones like "lol if u disliked dis vid ur probz a slut!!1 lol"

  6. I live in a small village in the Catholic country par excellence, so I perfectly know the "sluth shaming" phenomenon and I'm continually faced with the hypocrisy of people who say (and maybe truly believe) that only God has the right to judge people and then come togheter to exlude all those whose behaviours are not approved by them. Or at least, you can do what you want within the walls of your own home, it doesn't matter, it's important to not wave them into the wind, if you want to walk down the street without being singled out.
    There are a lot of things that I'd like to say, but I don't need to say them because you and the other girls perfectly explained everything.
    Thank you for this post. Thank you.