Sasssquatch N' Internet Friends: Mermaidens

Sasssquatch N' Internet Friends
(for Sassy friends I have yet to meet)

With pretty mermaid locks, a flair for DIY's and and being the most adorable cinephilia there is, Kailey or Mermaidens isnt just an ordinary blogger, she is making a name for herself as the most darling daughter of King Triton in the blogger family!

Name: Kailey

Age: 18 (turning 19 on December 25th!)

Favorite Color: One might not be able to tell looking at my blog (since it's so pink right now!), but it's red!

Describe your style in a sentence: Eeep this is hard! How about I give you a bunch of words that I feel like describes it?! Fluffy, cartoony, pink, bubbly, hearts, pink, sheer, and escapist!

Main fashion influence: Movies (animated films and musicals) and bloggers!

Tiny things that make you happy: When my kitty purs, when I get something in the mail, and when I accidentally stumble upon something wonderful (a movie, a song, or a piece of clothing)!

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Disneyland

Favorite hair color you've had: Pink! I'm going to redye it again soon and I can't wait *_*

Favorite sweet treat: Ice cream, no doubt about it!

Favorite childhood book: There is a book called Night House Bright House by Monica Wellington that I would pour over for hours - I loved how detailed the illustrations were and would drink in each page!

(We can tell Kailey adores books)

Favorite form of communication: Though I ADORE the internet, I do wish all my favorites lived closer to me so we could talk face to face!

Favorite album of all time: Another difficult question! Perhaps Modern Life is Rubbish - Blur?

Favorite films: Blue Velvet, Cinderella, An American in Paris, The Aristocats, Dinner at Eight, Blade Runner.
(Kaileys film appreciation is so admirable)

She makes all her banners and artwork herself 

Favorite DIY you've ever done: My mermaid dress! I'm really proud of it because I was able to make something that fit my aesthetic 100%!

Your favorite outfit to wear: I really fond of the vintage blue dress my mum thrifted - it's just so beautiful!

Favorite items of these categories

-something old: My grandmother's family pictures collection.

-something new: My new lipstick, Wet 'n Wild in Don't Blink Pink!

-something borrowed: My older sister's sequined flats.

(shes got wonderful shoes)

-something blue: A dress for a Cinderella Barbie I cherished when I was 10!

If you could animorph into animal which would it be: A cat. Or a flamingo.

Whats your dream job: Owning an ice cream parlour and working for a magazine!

Where do you shop and what do you look for: Thrift stores, etsy, and occasionally, Hot Topic (for their Sailor Moon and Adventure Time shirts!) and Forever 21. Right now I'm looking for the perfect coat - alas, the right one continues to allude my grasp :(

Where can we find you: Cooing at the cats at the nearest pet adoption agency, flipping through books about fashion design and sewing at the library, digging through musty clothes at a thrift store, or hunched over the computer researching, blogging, and being inspired!

How do you define sassy: Somebody who is saucy, cheeky, and not afraid to speak their mind :D

check out her blog for some AMAZING DIYS, is it just me or should Kailey have her own crafting show.

Kailey is not just a blogger, she is an artist, a writer, a thrifter, a music appreciator, a film buff, a DIY wiz, a cat impersonator and so much more!

If she hasnt inspired you now that you are simply a square
check out this lass right here

Thank you Kailey for letting me interview you
and thank all of yall for being so supportive
have a wonderful day
and PLEASE keep it sassy!!


  1. Eeep I can't get over how beautifully you laid out this post Caelan!! Thank you so so much for the wonderful interview and your kind words, I really really appreciate it ♡♡

  2. She is so gorgeous and I love her style, I am so checking out her blog!! And we (almost) share the same birthday (I'm turning 19 on the 28th.. 3 days off!)

  3. I can't believe she is only 18, she has SO much talent! I love everything about this and will definitely be checking out her blog!

    You and Mermaidens, IT'S LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN <3 <3 <3

    CAELAN! I was actually thinking a few days before you posted this (pretty sure I'm ~psychic~)of doing and interview (or maybe even just to collab on something), and I REALLY WANT TO INTERVIEW YOU, BABY GURL <3

    I'd love to have your e-mail so I could send you ~THE DEETS~ if you wanna do it! Mine is psychedelicdaisyblog@gmail.com

    Psychedelic Daisy