No Shave November.

No Shave November

"No shave november" or "movember" is an event over the course of the month of November where men grow out their facial hair or mustaches to raise awareness of prostate and other male cancer. While the movember crew has the greatest intentions (cancer prevention and world wide awareness). I find that the movember crew seems to be a boys club, and to be honest body hair for women speaks for more than just awareness. 

While I can't grow out a mustache, three days into November I realized that I hadn't shaved my legs and I thought I'd just go with it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I did not shave my legs for the ENTIRE month of November. 
and no it shouldn't shock you,
its society telling us that as woman, leg hair is unacceptable and frankly I think that stereotype is whats unacceptable.
Through my research I've gathered that leg hair removal started in the early 20th century as hemlines began to get shorter. What I'm telling you is that before the 20th century to the DAWN OF TIME, women weren't expected to shave their legs, it was as uncommon as teeth brushing.

And while I find brushing my teeth to be essential to living a successful life in the 21st century, after Movember I've come to the conclusion that frankly, I hate shaving my legs.

Okay let me start off by saying that I went to an all girls school, 
where leg hair really didn't matter, we would all shave our legs one day a week, thursday. Thursday night shave meant soft silky legs for friday and the up coming weekend, then we'd let our hair grow till next thursday.

I've never been the type to shave everyday...ever

so then college started and I began to feel this weird pressure that because I was living with my peers, I must conform to the weird societal expectation for women to shave everyday.
I spent a heck of a lot of money on razors and lady shave gel and all that shit targeted towards women to make you feel bold and beautiful and of course to take your money.
I just kind of went with it for awhile because I do live in Hawaii and my legs are exposed 90% of the time, so why not have them be as soft as a baby cheeks?

So November rolls around and three days into it I realized I had shaved my legs yet, then I thought, "fuck it, Imma go with it" and let my leg hair grow nice and long this whole month

Here are my results:

(hopefully the black and white helps)

And may I just say, the fact that I have blonde leg hair might've given me skewed results.

okay so yes, my leg hair is blonde and you have to look pretty close to see it, but by the end of the month lets just say they don't call me "Sasssquatch" for any ole reason.
With the fact that my hair is blonde most people didn't notice off the bat.
No one in particular said anything if I didn't say anything first.
But when I mentioned it the response I got were rude, people said things like "EWWWW," and "WHY CAELAN!!?!?" 
To which I always responded "why the fuck not!??!!"

Seriously though people, what is so wrong with leg hair?!?

Other than of course the feeling of smooth legs I couldn't really find any other MAJOR reason why we shave our legs.
I know that in some places that are really cold, some women don't shave their legs for the entire winter months and thats awesome, heck if you never shaved your legs ever I wouldn't judge you

lets face it, shaving your legs is weird:
they are a weird shape,
it takes forever
there is always some weird patch of hair that you missed
I always knick myself and then bleed

Shaving sucks.
and we shouldn't feel pressured to shell out money and waste our time doing it.
Can I just say that November was the most convient month of my life
I didn't even think about it.
It was easy, and comfortable and one less thing to worry about with finals drawing near

And the fact that men arent expected to at all BAFFLES me.
I mean I get that they have to shave their face and that must suck too, so why do we let society dictate our body hair and what we should be spending our money on.

Frankly I wanna spend my money on my twinky collection, or maybe a new pair or Miu Miu heels, or idk a fancy dinner, a lattee for a sister, or maybe, idk CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!

So after a month of not shaving Im gonna say, overall it was a positive experience 
It taught me a lot about societies perception of beauty and how if you let it, it can effect your day to day reality.

So I hope this put a few things into perspective for you
raised a little awareness 
and let me know if you have any societial challenges like No Shave November that you think I should partake in

Have a great evening
and please, keep it sassy,


  1. It really is really strange, this whole 'thou art a woman therefore thou must shave thy legs'. And if you don't you're either a disgusting un-hygenic cavewoman or a smelly angry feminist who hates men.
    What is all that about!? And what's so yucky about hair anyway?
    And if it is yucky for whatever reason, have people SEEN most men's leg hair? Women's leg hair tends to be finer and softer, not the curly, tough jungle most men have, but they're not told to shave. Because if men shave their legs that apparently makes them gay?
    Again, what is all that about!?
    Is there just something about hair that makes people go completely INSANE?

  2. I haven't shaved in six months and it is the best. To be fair, we have pretty shitty summers so I don't really ever get my legs out, so no one really sees, except when I'm at home in my jammies. My mum doesn't really like it, she used to always ask when I was gonna shave but I kept saying "I don't know, probably never" so she stopped. One time my dad said that I should shave soon because my leg hair could rival his, I thought that comment really pointed the issue with sexism. He's a man, he is the one who can have hair, women can't have hair, they can't challenge our power.

  3. I haven't shaved since probably October. Like you, I have really light body hair so no one really noticed except for like my mom. Shaving is so stupid, I mean I honestly don't see the point of it. I have a million scars on my legs because of it. That being said I'm obsessed with shaving my under arms for whatever reason. It's not really me trying to make a feminist statement by not shaving. It's just me finding it more convenient not to.

  4. I never shave my legs in the winter anyways unless I have something ~super special~ because otherwise I just wear pants... and I knick myself all the time too once I like accidentally shaved the skin off my leg how gnarly is that. Just to get the hair off my leg. That grows back anyways. This got me thinking like I started shaving my legs in 5th grade what a weird and pointless beauty standard.

  5. i do hate shaving my legs, but i love how they feel when i do. (still doesn't outweigh my laziness, though) i haven't shaved my legs since the end of august, when i got a cold and stopped caring about most things...then i had to get up really early for a couple weeks, which made it impossible for me to shave my legs in a timely manner in the mornings, so i just wore opaque tights or pants. sometimes i'll look down and get a weird shame-y feeling about it, but i remind myself why i get that kneejerk reaction to hairy lady legs and i'm alright

  6. Go you! I haven't shaved my legs for ages either, although we don't get as much movember going on here so was more me not being bothered. I agree with everyone here, hair isn't yucky and its a kind of pointless beauty standard whether your motives are coming from a feminist perspective or not.