New Locks and New Socks

New Locks and New Socks

I'm bringing you another simple outfit post

but most importantly I must talk about the biggest change
its more of a pinkier magentay red all thanks to Tabitha at Honolulu's Reve Salon

Outfit Details:
Glasses: Claires
Blouse: TopShop
Skirt: TopShop
Tights: PrettyPolly
Shoes: TopShop

If you couldn't tell already, I work at TopShop for Nordstrom

Working at Nordstrom can be pretty nuts, the night I bought this outfit because we had a party that I wasn't prepared for, while these shoes were very hard to walk in, they were definitely a crowd favorite! All though I could only last in them for an hour!

Tip: If you have suede shoes, put them in plastic bags because the air will age them. I learned this working at Aldo, we'd have one display shoe out and by the time it was the last one and someone was interested, by the time we brought out the one in the back covered in plastic the pair of shoes were almost fraternal!!!! 

So I hope you enjoy this post I havent posted on OOTD in 5 ever
Have a wonderful day
and please, 
keep it sassy,