Lisa Frank

Friday Favorites:
Lisa Frank Edition

Now don't think I forgot about this Friday Favorites!
School is dwindling down, finals are approaching and frankly I want to hide under my covers.
So to keep my spirits bright and because I can't get school off my mind, I thought I'd make a friday favorites inspired by my childhood hero Lisa Frank.

If you don't know who Lisa Frank is, I'm assuming you were born passed 99' which not only dates me but also reminds me that despite that Y2K scare, there really are people born passed 99'

Lisa Frank is an American artist based in Tuscon Arizon whose empire of school supplies and pretty much everything a little girl needs, hit huge in the 80's and 90's.

SO here are my picks for this friday
Well of course you have to buy the stationary.
I mean lets be real.
and at $14.00 a pop, your golden, thats allowance money!!
available at Urban Outfitters

Before I get into ANY other product can we stop and look at these for a second.
Lisa Frank, CREEPERS.
FeelingVagueVintage on Etsy has made my dreams come true!!
These babies are available in different sizes for $198

This cheeta dream would make Kelly Kapowski scream!
To quote the cheetagirls, its cheetalicious...yes I did just say that
anywho its available on Nastygal for $48.00

"What time is it?" one might ask you
to which you must respond "one of"
they say "one of what"
then the punch line "ONE of the many reasons you need a cool watch like mine"
$15 from American Apparel

Bright pink Cambridge satchel.
available on Modcloth

I wanna wear this dress and put my hair in a scrunchie.
plus its called "What your mermaid of" I LOVE CLEVER TITLES
yes yes yes
this dress gets a yes.
$82.99 on Modcloth

And we can't forget its still finals week
$6.00 on Urban Outfitters

Light wash denim jacket is essential. The Babysitters Club will approve.
$79.00 from American Apparel

A vintage Lisa Frank backpack, 
I always wanted a clear bag, then I could show off all my gr00vy school supplies,
$75.00 available from HumanNightmare on Etsy

We were all children in the 90's. 
we all wore frilly frilly socks, and the fact that American Apparel, sells them for adults makes me so incredibly happy
My mom used to draw smiley faces on my frilly socks right on the toes

American Apparel.

Cheeta socks,
Lisa Frank would be nowhere without cheeta socks
Urban Outfitters

Harry Potter AND Lisa Frank would approve.
Plus this would be so fresh in a dorm.
gah I love things with usefullness!!! MEEP!!!
$19.99 on ModCloth

Last but not least
Lisa Frank iPhone case to bring into the new millenium 
from Kawaiiparlor 

Well thats it,
have a wonderful day
and PLEASE keep it sassy


  1. I have no idea who Lisa Frank is and I love everything that you have chosen here... who is she!!

    1. She was HUGE in america, see http://lisafrank.com/ enjoyyyyyy

  2. I grew up using Lisa Frank items! I am so glad they are still around :)

    I used to where different colored frilly socks every day in elementary school, until a girl made fun of me for it, then I cried and threw them all away. I still regret doing that, since now I am obsessed with adorable socks, ESPECIALLY frilly frilly socks :)

  3. Oh my God, I forgot about Lisa Frank! This totally brought me back! That lightning bolt is pretty dang awesome, too. ;)