Hard Candy Christmas

Hard Candy Christmas
As yall know, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to Christmas Music, click here, so I thought I have to touch on the subject now that its December.

For some reason I'm always a bit blue around Christmas, As a child I think I just got so overwhelmed by all the color coordinated construction paper excitement that filled my elementary school classrooms, and maybe it was also the constant sugar crash I experienced, I was like a tiny crack dealer except by crack I mean christmas cookies looking for that fix in all the wrong places. 

Now I think my blue-ness today, comes from the nail biting, hair pulling, sweat-pant required final exams that take place at my university and of course working retail during this jolly time. Where no matter if you have a $500 return, you need to keep a smile plastered across your face and wish each and every person "happy holidays," because you can't offend anyone. 

I don't mean to be blue, I just have a lot of cookies on my plate.

SO if you are like me and you can't simply dive head first into Mariah Carey or any other poptart of the moments' cover of "Santa Baby" which, lets be honest is a creepy song

here is the PERFECT Holiday song for you.

Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas,

Now if you aren't a Dolly fan, get ready to be one

This song is all about being sad around christmas time, one would assume because of a break up or some sort of love related qualm. She starts the song by saying that maybe she'll change herself

"Hey, maybe I'll dye my hair
Maybe I'll move somewhere
Maybe I'll get a car
Maybe I'll drive so far
They'll all lose track
Me, I'll bounce right back
Maybe I'll sleep real late
Maybe I'll lose some weight
Maybe I'll clear my junk
Maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine
Me, I'll be just..."

then the song gets awesome

Fine and dandy
Lord it's like a hard candy christmas
Im barely getting through tomorrow
But still I wont let
Sorrow bring me way down

I personally just absolutely love this song. It is so positive yet not overly cheery. Just because its the holiday doesn't mean that I'm the living miracle on 34th street. Shit gets me down and sometimes I don't feel like caroling, and thats why this song is perfect.

With the repetition of the line "I'll be fine" I really feel like I will be able to make it through the holidays in one piece. I'm single right now, but das cool, Dolly Parton has taught me that It doesnt matter, that my spirit cannot be contained and that if I want to wear a polyester jump suit and tease my hair real big I WILL. In true Dolly fashion I got my nails done (check photo above) and they are glittery and rhinestoney and fabulous. I got gels not acrylics because I'm cool, okay? 

Anywho if you also have a sister who is the quintessence of the christmas spirit, finals are getting you down or maybe you just hate trudging through the mall to get infinite people presents, Dolly and I reiterate "You'll be just fine."

Have a lovely December
and please keep it sassy,

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  1. This is such a great song. I love your blog so I'm now following <3 have a fab christmas ;)