Friday Favorites: Sasssquatch's Holiday Gift Guide

Friday Favorites: Holiday Gift Guide
For all your last minute holiday needs
(even though its not friday)

For a best friend
Because nothing is more important than a BFF.
I'm really one of those people who LOVES knick-knacks. While my sister Hayley accuses me of being a hoarder, I think that I collect super special items that mean a lot to me. So when I give gifts I try to make them as sweet and a personalized as I can. Just like these Heart of Gold awards from Etsy seller ismoyo. They would be something cute to include in a gift for your bestest friend with the heart of gold.

Omg. I saw these on tumblr getting oodles and poodles of reblogs.
I kid you not, NOTHING is cuter than a locket with a face inside.
I always wanted to dramatically put a photo in my lockets as a kid but I never had photos small enough! Anywho this is a perfect and cuter alternative. From Etsy seller ginettepomette, they are only $50

Nothing says best friends like matching iPhone cases...
available at Nordstrom

For a Boyfriend
Boys are tremendously hard to shop for, lets just be real here
so here are a few things I hope they'd like.

Because every dude I know always loses his shit and won't care a man bag
$40.00 Urban Outfitters

Because these shoes look fly. Are able to be worn casually and fancily and because they come in every single color ever
$120.00 from Clarks

Because I wear club masters and I'm secretly a cornball and love to match
$145 available from Rayban

Because assuming you are reading this implies that you are a badass, which means you are probably dating a badass which means he will loves this shirt with the ULTIMATE badass, Bruce Lee on it.
on sale for $14.99 from Urban Outfitters

For a Mother
While all moms are not the same, they will always love what you get them regardless.
Now I'm not trying to enforce gender stereotypes by including a pink mixer to imply A) That pink is the only color for females and B) That a woman's place is in the kitchen. Cause you all know I'm a feminist and I don't do shit like that. HOWEVER, this mixer is too cute, and my momma would love it, therefore I think your mum would too.
$600.00 available at Macys

My mother loves Chanel, and she was a powerhouse business lady in the 80's so these vintage (may or may not be authentic) Chanel earrings would be perfect for her.
from Etsy seller eNdApPi

My mother lives in these Eileen Fisher pants.
Your mother will love them too.
I'm serious.
$168.00 from Nordstrom

For a Father
I asked my father what he wanted this year and instead of saying "finishing your degree in 4 years" he actually responded non sarcastically and said "a meat thermometer" 
$39.95 from Williams-Sonoma

Pop quiz
what is your dads favorite song?
I swear to you, every fathers favorite song is Hotel California
buy the remastered recording on Amazon for only $14.99

For the man who wants to eat a turkey leg with his hands
For the man who wants to drink from Goblets and not give a fudge about personal hygiene 
For the man who likes his meat seasoned with blood
For the man who knows winter is coming and isn't afraid of the white walkers
buy him this shit.
The official Game of Thrones cookbook
$21.82 on Amazon

For a stoner friend
While I don't personally partake in smoking dat green stuff
We all have a friend that does.

Because if they are ambitious enough to try making their own sweet treats you don't have to worry about them turning up like this 
$18.95 on Urban Outfitters
This one is self explanatory 
$19.99 on Amazon

Cause this shirt is cute, and its for the girl who loves her MJ and her Satan
$64.00 on Urban Outfitters
For a riot grrrl 
Cause these are perfect.
and you need them on a cute denim jacket
$16.70 from etsy seller teacakesand78s

Because education is important
and badasses are badasses
$10.19 on Amazon

You know you need this in your teen girl bedroom
from etsy seller queenelectric

For a 90s enthusiast 
Because this is the best album from the 90s hands down 
Her acoustic version is spot on
and if you are buying it for a 90's enthusiast buy the hardcopy
$10.26 on Amazon

Because overalls are so in
and this is so cute
available from TopShop for only $76.00
click here
Flannel from the 90s for winter 
From Etsy seller ThisCharmingManCave 
For a Beach Bunny
So this might not apply to you, but I live in Hawaii and know a lot of beach bunnies so I hope it helped someone.
At this point I'm really tired so I'm just gonna leave prices
top: $34.50
bottom: $22.50
from Victoria Secret

$18.00 from Urban Outfitters

All mermaids love pearls
$50.00 from Etsy seller CutieDynamite
click here

For a Christmas lover. 
Because we are celebrating Christmas after all
Its like a non tacky christmas sweater
I need it for all parties.
From etsy seller chitownclothing 
click here
he he he
on sale for $3.99 on Urban Outfitters

On sale for $6.99
I'm so sassy, I actually need to stop
from Urban Outfitters


  1. omg can I have that overall dress and the feminist killjoy banner ples?!

  2. omg what is with the candy cane cigarettes lol

    xx Domenic