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When one thinks of Hawaiian fashion, thoughts of beautifully bronze goddess types dancing to “Time of Your Life” while wearing the itty-est bikini and pareo, while simultaneously drinking a smoothie out of a coconut come to mind. “Hawaii? Don’t they wear grass skirts all the time?” said a tourist in Waikiki. Little do they know, not only is Hawaii becoming the forefront of summer fashion but also fashion journalism primarily in the form of Disfunkshion Magazine.

Disfunkshion magazine is a fashion, art and culture magazine based out of Hawaii. Disfunkshion is a fashion bible to people all over American because it speaks for the vibrant spirit of youth. With bright colorful photos and even more colorful language Disfunkshion is no ordinary local magazine

What sets Disfunkshion apart from the rest, would have to be its multifunctional purpose, Disfunkshion appeals aesthetically to fashion and photography buffs around with its spectacular images. Disfunkshion appeals to celebrity followers by photographing up and coming ladies in their pages. Disfunkshion appeals to the modern 21st century girl by being available on most social networking sites: Facebook, youtube, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, their own blog and even an iPhone/iPad app.  Disfunkshion appeals to all American girls because it’s available at Barnes and Noble locations nationally. Lastly Disfunkshion appeals to your mind with fascinating articles about current issues and Disfunkshion appeals to your heart, because each of these articles are sealed with a kiss of sincerity and hope.

Their mission statement on their blog states, “Like no other, Disfunkshion Magazine is intended to touch the heart and soul of every young woman. By offering an array of articles and features full of REAL LIFE situations, awareness and advice for female-relevant interests, art of all forms, music and fashion, we hope to motivate and inspire the modern woman who must juggle the diversities and challenges of life, with style. We hope to also help build the role models of today’s society by offering tips on ways to get involved in the community and make this world a better place.” Which they’ve completely succeeded in; just flipping through their magazine you are blasted with women of all ages, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, etc who are all so inspiring to the Disfunkshion reader. 

They go onto to say “With Disfunkshion Magazine, every young woman can be heard, through her heart-felt words of wisdom, or through the medium of art. The painters, illustrators, poets, songwriters, photographers and other artists will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and passions as a true expression of themselves in a publication that is for them and supports their innovative spirits. With that said, Disfunkshion is the magazine that motivates young women to proudly be themselves in this identity seeking society.” With that said you know that this magazine is more than just fashion.

While many magazine are filled with Caucasian models, modeling extremely expensive designer garb, Disfunkshion brings something else to the table. They choose real models of all shapes and sizes modeling clothing from a much larger price range. Not to mention that they chose underrated celebrities to bring attention to, not only taking gorgeous photos of them, but showing them in a different light. For example their latest cover girl, former PlayBoy Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, but Disfunkshion shows off her softer side in these breath-taking photos and talks to her about the positive direction her career is going and how she wants to reinvent herself as the philanthropist and mother that she is. This is what Disfunkshion is all about, giving all people a voice to be who they want to be and express themselves accordingly. 

By featuring international bloggers on their website they are not only sharing their own content, but getting the word out about dozens of bloggers with mad style. Ranging from Denmark to New York City to Honolulu, these bloggers are from all over which just shows that the Disfunkshion girl is everywhere! It shows that no only does Disfunkshion have international notoriety but that the spirit of vibrant youth that is Disfunkshion is also international. Heck, one would probably find Disfunkshion girls in outer space! Which reiterates how Disfunkshion really is a magazine for everyone no matter your background or location. It also shows that Disfunkshion gives women that voice to be heard, no matter where they are from. It also demonstrates that despite the fact that this magazine is Hawaii based, it is not contained in Hawaii but that it is instead it reaches out all over. 

The website has a little bit of everything with features on topics such as: art & culture, beauty, bloggers, body, delicious foods, entertainment, getting certain looks, love, social connections, advice, style watch, celebrity exclusives, editorials, fashion, life lessons, travel, aquatic life and weddings, DISFUNKSHION HAS EVERYTHING.

Disfunkshion is for the ideal 21st century lady because; it was made by only the slickest coolest team of experts, who know what is in. Editor, Hugette Montesinos’ entire heart goes into this magazine, which is obvious due to the tiny details and extra special touches she ads. Such as, her Editors blog that she uses to wax seal each issue by encapsulating her thoughts and intentions that went into each issue.  

One might say that in terms of fashion, Honolulu is as fresh as a pineapple; it’s a new urban city that is really making a name for itself. And the best part about being based in Hawaii is that we get all year long to play around with spring/summer trends, what other places get to make sure a claim?

So if you are looking for a little bit of magazine eye candy or maybe you want to learn about Hawaii's homeless epidemic or the latest celebrity fashion, you would be silly not to look in our own backyard and pick up a copy of Disfunkshion magazine. 

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  1. I've never heard of it, sounds pretty cool though! x

  2. Looks pretty neat! I like the colour aesthetics, the pinks and aquas and such. I like your background change by the way!