Dear Saint Nick.

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Dear Santa Addition

Dear Santa,
My name is Caelan Hughes, I'm a 19-year-old little girl from Honolulu, Hawaii and I've been very good this year. I havent gotten in any cat fights and I've passed all my classes. So here is a list of the things I desperately want for christmas, I hope its not too late!

So these are a few things that I desperately want, I hope I've been good enough to deserve them.
A lilac vintage volkswagon bug please, 
so I can drive around town in the gem while blasting The Beach Boys and drinking lemonade
A mamegoma doll so that I can hug it whenever I'm sad, and cry into it and we can be best friends, and he can always sit passenger in my deluxe car just incase I'm driving late at night
My dear friend Kiki had a whole post about hers and I just think they are so wonderful
on Amazon

A mint green cambridge satchel, because schools supplies are so fun, they might as well be carried around in the best way
$174 on Modcloth
althought I'm sure your elves can cobbler something simmilar
To protect my darling computer of course!!
$41.99 on Modcloth
I'll also accept the iPhone case too!

Now Santa, don't look, this one is for Mrs. Claus to get me, all the beautiful sexy underwear so I can feel like a pretty lady!


Then a kitty dress or two
$49.99 on Romwe.com

And you all know that these need a home in my shoe collection
am I right or?
$132.99 on Modcloth

This necklace because I am in fact a pirate
$59.99 on Modcloth

Then this magical moon candle cause I'm Sabrina and I need to do siances
$23.95 on ArtisanWitchcraft on Etsy

Pink earmuffs because I wanna be as cute as this baby!!
$35.00 from RainbowMittens on Etsy

This Satan necklace because we all know that you are actually a part of the illuminati
$30.00 from chelseapapercakes on Etsy

These two glitter bones from Etsy seller Savoirs
$5.00 each

These Miu Miu flats,
I need them, like I absolutely need them
they are $650 but I need them
available from Neiman Marcus

This amazing 6,000.00 crown from ParisPanacheAntiques on Etsy from france
I'm thinking large scale now

$170 from Vivienne Westwood because you can never have enough Vivienne Westwood necklaces, am I right though?

All Vivienne Westwood fragrances

And these Miu Miu darlings too
$1150 on Neiman Marcus

And lastly, tickets to Paris with a key to Versailles
so I can live there, forever


so Santa, I know this list isnt very cohesive
but its what I want
please don't leave me coal

have a wonderful Christmas dear Saint Nick,

(What do you guys what for Christmas?)


  1. You've inspired me! I think I'll post my Christmas list tomorrow!!

  2. Oh my glob that underwear is super cute.. this list has made me want to do my own wish lish now!

  3. Ohmygosh that crown.... if I were a royal of any kind I would be sporting that or something similar every day! Why are the royals so boring?

    I could totally make that "pirate" necklace for you! You should get a P.O Box and maybe you will get some presents from "santa" ;)

    I really want to make a Christmas list now too, but knowing I won't really get anything might bring me down, bleh. Great post though!