5 Most Underrated Female Musicians.

 5 Most Underrated Female Musicians 

someone once asked me to make a post about musicians that I love
and why not be an antihipster and tell you about a few musicians you might not've heard of?

I've complied a list of top 5 underrated female musicans that I think are nifty

5. Janet Devlin
(If you like The Cranberries, you'll love Janet Devlin)

Now assuming you arent from England and not an X-factor fan, I'm sure you have no clue who this lovely gem is.
Janet is from Gortin, County Tyrone of Northern Ireland and she auditioned for the 2011 UK X factor and ended up in 5th place.
I can't exactly place my finger on why I love her voice so much, its just so folky and cute and slightly squeaky, yet bold and loud. She's perfect and totally badass, they kept trying to make her a conventional "pop star" and she was like... "NO, I will not change who I am"

If you like The Cranberries, you'll LOVE HER


here are a few more of her covers that I very much so enjoy:
(dont mind that she forgets some of the lyrics)
(ugh yes Coldplay)
(my ultimate favorite)
(Adele ugh yes)
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
(Yall know how much I love Steven Tyler...I mean lets be real)


If her amazing eyeliner and Meridad hair havent won you over yet I don't know what will.
She's also coming out with an album and needs our help

if you get a spare minute and you are as crazy about this songstress as I am CLICK HERE to go to her pledge website and pledge a few dollars, I'm 100% sure that this album will be magical and wonderful and bubbly and dark and creepy all at the same time!

(photo source)

I consider her underrated only because UK XFactor's audience isnt very broad, and I think her gift should be spread everywhere, I bet she could make it big in the states!

4. Supercute!
(If you read Rookiemag, you'll love Supercute!)
(photo source)
Now yall should already know about how much I love SuperCute!
Exhibit A.
But can we all acknowledge that its been over a year and three quarters and I STILL LOVE THEM

The band consists of (from left to right) Olivia Ferrer, Rachel Trachtenberg and Julia Cumming, three super cute girls from NYC.
Rachel, a musician since being dropped on her parents door step by a stork, decided to start an all girl band with her dear friend Julia. After a name change and keyboardist change the ladies became UNSTOPPABLE.

They toured with Kate Nash, performed for SXSW and even wrote an original song for our dear lord, Rookie.

But I think I need to let their music speak for themselves

a few more songs that I adore:

Candy City

Hulla Hoop Song

Haunted Hostel

I Gotta Brand New Pair of Rollerskates
(a classic)

And more recently

With such sweet lyrics, adorable harmonies and GREAT ukulele rifts, this band has a large place in my candy coated heart.
These girls are tough and brave all while looking so adorable
and their band name is the most perfect description of the band itself, SUPERCUTE!

I consider SuperCute! underrated because they should have their own headlining tour, a candy named after them and have their own TV show, they are brilliant and they deserve oodles of success

3. Foxes
(If you like awesome emotional teengirl music that pulls at your heart strings, you'll love Foxes)
I actually discovered this South-Hampton born artist today! Born, Louisa Rose Allen, Foxes is as fresh  as a newly sprouted daisy! 

I first heard her in a collaboration with EDM artist Zed, shown by my amazing sister Hayley, in the song called Clarity. This song is my jam. 
When I heard this I thought, "who the eff is this girl?" and quickly with some research I discovered one of my new favorite artists. 

Not only is she cute as a friggin button, but she has PIPES.
Watch her music video off her album Youth

And seriously I recommend watching all these videos in this playlist.

Ugh she is so cute and is so talented YES.

And click here for her website, she has a free download YAY!!!

She's underrated because she's still vaguely unknown, although I feel that she's on the cusp of hitting it HUGE!

2. OLY
(If you like the XX, you'll love Oly)

So this one is a bit more obscure.
I first heard her song No Money Fun on a 15 second long trailer for the TeenNick drama South of Nowhere, in 2005. I was OBSESSED, but of course, this song was ridiculously hard to find, and that was when I still had dial up internet! So my fingers got to clicking and I found her myspace page (which still exists), Oly is a DJ from Florida, and I was so incredibly excited!

I sent her an email buying her EP, and it came in this cool little sleeve with a sweet handwritten letter, and of course moving out of the dorms and considering its been 7 years, I've misplaced the letter BUT my love for Oly has not subsided.

Here are a few of my favorite songs:

(my absolute favorite)

While I've been creeping her twitter and tumblr for some updates
all I could really gather is that she's living the miami dream, playing awesome gigs and being badass

she is just so wonderful and so talented.
If you like Mirah, you'll LOVE Oly.

Also, I consider her underrated because I'm sure at least half of you if not more havent heard of her.
This was my prententious card guys, I'd pull it out and be like, "but have you heard of 'Oly'" to which everyone would ooh and awww over my amazing musicalness

but alas, I share <3

1. Alexz Johnson
(If you love all things good in the world, you'll love Alexz Johnson)

Oh oh Alexz Johnson,
where do I even begin?

Okay I guess we should start with how I discovered Alexz Johnson. 
I must've been 7 or 8 when I first saw her grace my tiny television set, she played the role of Annie on the AMAZING disney channel show So Weird. I thought she was super cool, and I think she sang some angely song and that show was really intense.

Flash forward to 7th grade. My parents finally get fancy-pants delux cable which meant we got "The-N" or "Noggin" or "Teennick" or "Degrassi Channel" or WHATEVER you want to call it, we got it.

And debuting that fall was a new tv drama called Instant Star and I saw my dear friend Alexz! She played the lead role of Jude Harrison the winner of an American Idol type show.
While it sounds dumb, it SO wasn't I could make you an entire playlist of songs from that show that I completely adore, but I'll limit myself to 5

(This song put her on the map, her voice is gorgeous and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe she cowrote this song...damn)

How Strong Do You Think I Am
(total girl power song, I DIE)

Anyone But You
(omg remember Spiderman!?!)

There's Us
(omg as a young teengirl, I would replay this song over and over and over and over again and be sad for no reason...oh wait I'm doing that right now)

Let Me Fall
(omg yes so intense, ALSO any of these songs or any other ones on the album are phenomenal I seriously recommend you listening)

Plus we never know if Tommy and Jude ended up together at the VERY end :(
well, if you are completely lost about what I'm talking about it and you own a netflix account

This show also showed off her major acting chops.
She also starred in a Life Time Original movie, which you all know is my DREAM, it was called Devil Diary and it was as intense as it sounds!!

but onto more serious business
After releasing several Instant Star albums, guest starring on some TV shows and an album that wasnt released due to an issue with the contract and the label dropping her. Alexz got serious. She worked hard on some music that she would be proud of!

First the albom "Voodoo"
I have to be honest, this is one of those albums that is spectacular from beginning to end.

my FAVORITE song off that album is Superstition. Its just so magical and her voice is just so classic and its just very different than anything out right now.

and of course the title track, Voodoo, is great too

And this music video is actually just too cute.
ugh okay seriously I recommend this whole album

Then she relesaed Reloaded which was a remixed album of Voodoo
and believe me all of these remixes are great
its all just so great! And while I hate to sound like a huge fangirl while writing this article I really do believe the music speaks for itself.

So at this point I'm already stoked
you couldn't impress me anymore Alexz

(photo source)
The Skipping Stone EP

a compilation of more awesome music and she also made some videos on youtube of her singing live that are great too
she is the best and extremely under appreciated.

These are my favorite videos

and lastly she wrote a song called "puppy on your shoulder"

ugh how can you NOT love her.

So I hope you all enjoyed this post.
And maybe you'll take a listen to these awesome girl power musicians!
I think I'll talk about music more cause I seriously enjoyed this post and maybe this will be a continuing series.
also if you have any suggestions LET ME KNOW

Have a wonderful day,
and PLEASE, keep it sassy,


  1. Wow I'd forgotten all about Janet Devlin. It'll be great to hear what a full album of her sounds like. Some other cool X Factor girls are Lucy Spraggan and Diana Vickers.

    I only just discovered Foxes too!

    You have so much Alexz Johnson love I will definitely give her a listen!

  2. Hey,
    I just read your article, your choice of female musicians is amazing! :) I had the chance to see Supercute live as a support of Kate Nash, they were so awesome! Alexz Johnson is sooo underrated, her songwriting is amazing, also her voice.
    Indie or Songwriter female musicians get often not the attention they deserve, because they are NOT the ones who stand almost naked on a stage or wear a lot of make up to look "perfect".
    I wish there would be more people out there like you, who remember people to listen to more quality girl music.
    I would add the bands/singers: First Aid Kit, Oh Land, Courtney Love (I don't know what she did to Kurt but besides that check out "America's Sweetheart", I love it)
    And it would mean the world to me if you could check out mine, too. Maybe you'll like it. <3

  3. Yes!
    Love Janet Devlin now I've got over how annoying it is watching X Factor.
    Loved Foxes for ages, but only just found out about Alexz Johnson, mainly through fashion stuff such as yours. I could probably make a list of female singer/ songwriters that I love, but it would be a lot longer than this!!
    Also the Pierces as a fairly unknown group, they're ace x x

  4. Hmm, posted the above as my google account, not my blog... interesting... :/

  5. The only one I recognized was Alexz and purely because of So Weird, even though I liked the girl (Fiona?) better. I haven't checked out her music but whenever I see anything about her I am reminded of a recent YT video I saw... a couple of huge fans saw her in a public bowling alley and just wanted a photo with her, but apparently she reeked of weed and was annoyed with being bothered. I won't judge her purely on that, but I probably won't forget it!
    I can't WAIT to listen to all of these bands you promoted, they seem right up my alley and now I am finally inspired to update my blog with a post about my current favorite musicians. I know what I'm doing tonight, Thank you!
    (I hope you check out my post, I really think we have very similar taste in music!)