(our runner-up christmas card from last year)

Its officially November, and all Hallows-eve has come to an end in the form of a sugar induced-coma.  

And while I'm all for chucking rotten Jack-o-lanterns, and donating all the crappy hard candies to the office secretary's "sugar bowl", it is time to buy your frozen turkey and 5 cans of cranberry jelly NOT TIME TO BUST OUT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE.

One look around Macy's and there are already jolly elves and 10 feet tall Christmas trees.

Now don't start calling me a Scrooge just yet, I love Christmas just like Cindy Loo-hoo, however, after working retail all last christmas, and by being constantly surrounded by the christmas saturated media, I'm frankly a bit tired of it. 

Christmas music is good when you are toasty, all snug in your bed, while dreams of Saint Nicholas dance in your head, but not two days after halloween while the candy corn hasn't even gone stale yet.   

My main reason behind halting premature christmas joy, is that I personally cannot handle 2 full months of overzealous christmas cheer. I work a little under 40 hours a week, that will be a little under 40 hours a week of christmas tunes, which is 8 weeks of a little under 40 hours of a week of christmas tunes, which is WAY more Mariah Carey singing "All I want for Christmas," than I can handle. 

This is also due to the fact that as a child my three sisters and I played Joani Bartels Christmas Magic cassette over and over and over and over and over and over again.

So much that one day it "magically disappeared" under my fathers watch.

We're beginning to believe that by "magically disappeared" he actually means tossed out of the car window driving 75mph on the H1 freeway.
With that being said, I think the repetition of Joanie Bartels christmas hits such as: I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas, Jinglebell Rock and All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, has lead to the headache I get to this day hearing these diddys repeated and repeated. 

SO, I know I sound like the Grinch about now.
But I reiterate, I do love Christmas music, but at the appropriate time and place.

So lets focus on the next holiday coming our way, TURKEY DAY. Lets talk about the native Americans and the Pilgrims and the mashed-potato-volcanoes and all that yummy stuff

THEN we can discuss Christmas.

How do you feel about Christmas music 2 days after Halloween?
Let me know in a comment,
Have a wonderful evening
and please
Keep it Sassy,


  1. At least you have Thanksgiving to celebrate.
    In the UK it's pretty much just switched from Halloween to Christmas, with a few idiots setting fireworks off here and there in between!!!

  2. Yeah...pretty much what JellyJuJu said. :P
    Bonfire night is tomorrow but the fireworks started last night and will basically continue all the way until New Years, so in the gaps between your ears being bombarded with Christmas music, you get the lovely sound of explosions! Yay!