The Queen of ♡'s.

The Queen of 's

Now I'm sure that you guys already know this, but I ♡, ♡'s .
I absolutely adore them. Since I was a child I would constantly doodle them, and wear printed heart dresses and make valentines out of season. 
One thing that you have to understand is that my birthday is February 16th, SO CLOSE to Valentines day. It's my favorite holiday, I love the colors pink and red and hearts and frills and it filters throughout my wardrobe all year long. 

So this is my Valentines in November look,

Outfit Details:
Dress: TopShop
Tights: PrettyPolly
Belt: Aldo
Heels: Alice and Olivia 

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes. They were on sale at Nordstrom for only 160!!! HOLLAAAAA

Anywho, forgive the lateness of this post,
I'm tired from work, and I didnt have a connecty-chord-thingy till now

Whats your favorite holiday?
look forward to Friday Favorites tomorrow!!
Have a wonderful day and PLEASE
keep it sassy,


  1. love the outfit and your hair is awesome

  2. This is cute! Especially the shoes.
    I didn't know you had TopShop in Hawaii?! (I've considered more important things than that today but I bet this is the one I'll remember)

  3. If your tights were red, it would be perfect! But it is so very lovely!

    I could not fathom spending so much money on like... -anything- ... haha.

    I really love the shade of red you have. I JUST dyed my hair from red to brown but I didn't want to bleach it, it it ended up a bit darker than yours. But I adore it! I wish so badly I could dye my hair violet but I can't for work :(