Sasssquatch N' Friends: JhuneBug

Sasssquatch N' Friends:

This is a new series I'm going to do where I feature my most special and most sassy friends!
I will interview them, feature photos and their talents and overal introduce you to those who inspire me!!

(Denim Jacket: Punahou Carnival, Top: Friend, Skirt: Goodwill, Shoes: Goodwill)

Name: Jhunette

Age: 18

Favorite Color: Burgundy & forest green

Describe your style in a sentence: "Does this make me look fat? No? Okay, Awesome"

Main fashion influence: Japanese street fashion

Tiny things that make you happy: Complementary colors, when it's sunny and rainy at the same time, pugs, pikake flowers, matte photo prints, shoulder kisses, chai tea

(Jhune has a collection of all sorts of yummy tea!)

Favorite Place in the whole wide world: My bed

Favorite hair color or style you've had: I liked my hair the best when it was short and green. I mean, it's still short now but there was something about that color on me that I really liked and miss. I'd have changed it back by now if it wasn't for the natural hair color policy at work.

Favorite Sweet Treat: Frozen Yogurt: Original tart with cheesecake and brownie bits and rainbow sprinkles

Favorite Childhood book: Blueberry Bear, its about a bear who eats too many blueberries and then turns blue

Favorite form of Communication: I like talking on the phone a lot, its because I don't like texting that much. Swype is such a bitch. It takes a lot more effort than to just talk to someone

Favorite Album of all time: Anything by the Mountain Goats! Wincing the Night Away by the Shins, Belle & Sebastian's Tigermilk and the Boy with the Arab Strap. and... What's my favorite Rilo Kiley album? Execution of All Things.  

Favorite Films: Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are the two movies that for a long period of time consumed my entire being. There's also Norwegian Wood by Tran Ahn Hung, Chunking Express by Wong Kar-Wai, Trust by Hal Hartley, and Jennifer's Body

Favorite Camera: My Canon AE-1. I've wanted one since I first started seriously shooting with film. A couple of months ago my friends Amila and Jacqui found it at Art & Flea and bought it for me out of the blue. I think the sentimentality of that alone would've made it my favorite anyway.

If you could animorph into any animal- (she cut me off)-"wolf"

Where do you shop and what do you look for: A lot of Goodwill and local vintage boutiques. I worked at a boutique in Chinatown called Mish Mash for a couple of months and got a lot of my wardrobe from there. I'll buy any high-waist bottoms that fit me well immediately because those are hard to come by. Lately I've seen myself gravitate towards short sleeved collared button ups.

How do you define Sassy: I define sassy as being confident in everything that you want and are doing and shit shit shit shitty shit shit.

How can we find you:
I have a flickr that I need to update 

Her Groovy Room

Posters (left): Vice magazine photo issue from this year

Photos (above): Antique, friends, Mish Mash, Marty, mostly randomly collected

Sushi Pillow: Cute asian place that shut down
Mermaid Brush: From a friend Jacqui

Shoes: left to right: Mom's, friend Aly, Milanoo, Art & Flea


Knick Knacks: randomly collected


Outfit Details:
Jacket:Barrio Vintage
 Dress: Barrio Vintage
Shoes: Mommy's!
Earrings: Art & Flea

Handmade pinafore 

Jhune has an amazing collection of handmade items that are just as special as she is!
Each individual and as special as she is!

A Few Others Items She made:

And while she hasn't set up an Etsy store yet, I think we should all keep our eyes open for something maybe sometime in the future, she's too talented to not!!

A secret starfish!
 doubles as a treasure box, broach, earrings and necklace!!

It would be too difficult to go piece by piece so let's just say her jewelry was randomly collected!


Outfit Details:
Tokyo Jacket: Adidas, borrowed from a friend
 Shorts: Barrio Vintage
 Earrings Mish Mash

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Mish Mash
Jacket: Mom
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Doc Marten on Etsy

As mentioned previously, Jhune Bug does photography, I think I'm gonna save my favorite photos of her for a future post because this one is jammed packed, but please feel free to peruse her photo blog, it is really quite wonderful!

Jhune is a very special girl with a heck of a lot of talent. She's kind, and is a very good listener. She has a big heart and wants to help everyone and she is very much wise beyond her years.
Knowing her is very much a pleasure
and I'm forever thankful for her letting me use her for this blog!

Have a great day
and please,
keep it sassy,


  1. Great idea! And your friend is really talented!!!!!

  2. ahhhh, great post! i've always had this idea in mind but my friends are all too shy to be photographed and interviewed!

    i love your friend's photos a lot too!!