My Shiny Teeth and Me.

Friday Favorites: 
Tooth Fairy Addition

I have a slight obsession with teeth. I have a small collection of my baby teeth given to me by the tooth fairy of course, and of course, this happened to me recently.
I love the idea of the tooth fairy, I hope its an international folklore but in any case, the story behind the tooth fairy is that she is a tiny friend, who gives children a dollar for every lost baby tooth. 
Its cute,
I like it,
so why not pick out a plethora of my favorite shiny-toothed items that would make that fairy blush.

I think this necklace is absolutely perfect. I wanted to figure out something to do with my wisdom teeth and this would be it! Any tooth fairy would be lucky to wear it. It's a REAL tooth from ExtolloJewelry and its only $40...why not!

These American Apparel petticoats are too die for. I bought the original one awhile ago, and while its cute, I wish I waited for the mini ones because I think they are so much more wearable. They come in so many different colors but I thought these three were the most appropriate for the fairy inside us all! Pair with any sparkly top and you are all set.
available for $78 

While this item my be sold out on Modcloth, its too cute NOT to show you. I love funky broaches and this one jsut SCREAMS my name. I love the gold and the diamonds, plus its just so dainty and cute. Yes, its a yes. It was 14.99 but you can join their website and they'll email you if they get this item back in stock.

She is still royalty after all, why not add a beautiful lace crown for the final touch.
and at only $8 BelleandBeauBoutique will make your dreams come true

As you know, I always have something from ModCloth, (holla if you are reading this). And this cute rainbow-flouncy dress is an absolute dream! The pleats, the three colors all work together in such harmony! Its a yes for me. 

Just because you have dentures doesnt mean you can't join in on the tooth fairy fun! These ice cube molds are meant to look like dentures for your sipping enjoyment.
Its a cute little prank that we all can enjoy...except your grandpa
$10 on FredFlare

I have three sisters, and more times than not, I've caught one of them using my toothbrush...GROSSAROO, this cute handy little tooth, toothbrush holder will nip that problem in the bud. It would be such a cute bathroom decoration!
$24.99 on Modcloth

Guys.....Guys.....It's a tooth fairy pillow, for your baby tooh
*live studio audience backtrack* "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww"
This makes me want to have a baby, JUST so I can get them this!
am I right or....?
and at only 7.50, etsy seller RikapandaCrafts is practically paying YOU to have it.

Well isnt this the cutest mug you've ever seen.
Okay it mights be "too much" for some people, but I love little kid things, and I love TopShop and I love this, okay. DON'T CRUSH MY DREAMS.
I'd like to think I'm a badass fairy and its only $12, something reasonably priced on that website!

This necklace, as seen on many riot grrls on the interwebs, this tooth necklace is simple perfect. Also made by ExtolloJewlery, this necklace is perfect for any fairy needs.
It may scare a few people but thats even more fun!
What I love is how dainty it is, absolutely gorgeous and only $45...say WHAT

Also Marvis toothpaste. This stuff is the bomb, and if you care about the general aesthetic of your bathroom as much as me, you will be sure to pick up a tube of this. The packaging alone is cute enough to purchase!!! They are about $11 a tube, you can find them at Anthropology, or Amazon or even there own website. Peppermint is my favorite!!

And thats all of it folks, I hope you enjoyed this Friday Favorites, this is surely becoming one of my FAVORITE segments on this blog...(see what I did there) I may start making outfits based on the friday favorites, let me know if you like that idea!

Also tiny secret if you are still reading this article, I still have a baby tooth.

And with that, I bid you adieu

Have a great day,
keep your teeth clean 
and PLEASE, keep it sassy,


  1. So did you ever make jewelry out of your own teeth? You need to. Such a rad idea.

    1. No not yet, but I'd LOVE too, I just need to find someone who will help!

  2. Oh my god a fairly odd parents reference <3