“Love is mysterious and rad, like Steve Perry from Journey”

Friday Favorites:
Diablo Cody


I adore this portrait so much. Its Juno, its kinda Yoshitomo Nara esque, its simply perfect. Poppopportraits really hit the nail on the head with this image. 
I need it
and for $16.00
you need it too dude.

I've been wanting a hamburger phone since I saw the film.
Even though none of us use landlines anymore I WANT IT.
and for only $1.88 on Amazon its a DEFINITE yes for my next paycheck FOR SHIZZLE

Then this kitty shirt, while she doesn't have this shirt specifically in the film, I just thought it was too cute to pass. 
$24 on Threadless

And I just though this ModCloth skirt was too die for.
I goes atheistically right??
only $39.99

And of course these Pauly Bleeker socks from American Apparel, you are gonna need these for the track!

Young Adult:

A BEAUTIFUL print from Etsy seller, annebenjamin, should've been the poster for this film.
The colors are perfect, and it completely evokes the idea of this film

We all know how much Mavis loved her sweet little pup!
She may love comfy wear just as much as this pup, so why not combine her too favorite things!
$64.99 on Modcloth

I just loved how she was always looking so depressed but in such fun apparel.
and this to me seems like the quintessence of comfy garb
$80.00 $59.99 on sale at Fredflare

Now Mavis had to dress all grown-up-y at the party
And while she was wearing Louis Vutton or whatever, I find this tweed coat to be not only sensible but also chic....wow I sound like a grown up too!
$190 on TopShop

And how could I talk about this film without featuring at least one Juicy Couture Bag
This one was probably my favorite, and even though it was not quilted, or terry cloth like in the film, this is my blog and this one was my favorite, so there!

Jennifers Body:
While most searches related to Megan Fox feature only her boobs, and or a sultry booty-touching position that looks awfully uncomfortable, but this print is MAGNIFICENT.
I find it amazing that we can recognize her from only her eyes and brows.
Truly gorgeous by Etsy seller rnvnt
I need these.
I mean what doesnt say "I'm as sexy as Megan Fox" more than red velvet undies with a heart for your buttcrack
$48.99 on Modcloth

Even though her teeth were much more creepy,
I like this necklace better, and it gets across the point, while being scary and chic, my FAVORITE combination.
By Etsy seller, NeverlandJewelry

Now this just goes alone with the general ambiance of a high scool existence, I didn't partake in
but hey, those who don't earn letterman jackets, buy them!
$22.80 from Forever21

And what is a fake high school without tartan!
I love this jumper, plus if you want to be skanky just wear with only a bra! 
I kid, I kid
$79.99 at Modcloth

This candied heart bracelet is to die for...literally (please tell me you read that in a suspenseful movie trailer man voice)
Anywho, it's cute,
its pretty,
it's the color of blood.
$24.99 on Modcloth
click here

The United States of Tara:

you guys already know how much I love this show
but here are a few more items that I must have
First, I must mention that they sell those weird candies that turn everything sour to sweet, on Amazon for only $19.00. It's a really random part of the episode,
but I wanna try!!

Glasses from ThayerEyewear on Etsy
for only $57 they are almost completely spot on

This beautiful pastel floral apron from Modcloth for $29.99 for our dear Alice

And appropriately a Victoria Secret thong for T

and lastly
something I desperatly want to read
*cough cough* great christmas gift *cough cough*
is Diablo Cody's book Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper
only $13.99

That wraps it up folks,
let me know if you can think of any more of these Diablo Cody related MUSTS

have a great day,
and PLEASE, keep it sassy


  1. Ahhh! Burger phone! They're like £10 here.

    Also I love those red velvet panties. Modcloth looks like a great shop! I wish there was a UK version.

  2. I adore everything but it's all out of my budget unfortunately! Oh well, I still love these posts, very inspiring!

  3. love love love
    ps. the Modcloths oufits are already in my wishlist!!

  4. Love Diablo Cody. She's the bomb, and USOT is one of my favorites :)