Keep it Thankful.

What I'm Thankful For:

Yall know how much I love America
so I thought I'd make a post for EVERYTHING I'm thankful for.

10) Glitter
The way glitter sparkles in the sun not only catches my eye, but makes me so very happy.
I've loved glitter since I was a very small girl, its not only eye catching but simply gorgeous. 
When I'm wearing a sequined glittery dress and I'm driving to some soiree while the sun is setting, my sparkles catch the light and it reflects all over my car, I've become a disco ball!
I'm thankful for glitter, not only because it lets me verge on the border between classy and trashy quite perfectly but also because it always cheers me up.

9) The San Francisco Giants
Lets be real here, yall know I'm not an athletic person
but when it comes to baseball I REALLY CARE.
I've loved the San Francisco Giants for as long as I can remember and this past year they won the world series! I didnt make a post about this because I got busy! But dont take that as a lack of passion, I love the team, its the city where I was born, and the team that I love. 
Besides Tim Lincecum is a TOTAL BABE.

8) Trizzy666

 Without the song stylings of Rebecca Black and Nicole Westbrook I'd be significantly depressed.
These videos are the quintessence of the American dream, buying success and being horribly ridiculed  all the way to the bank.
Why actually have talent when you can buy internet notoriety these days?
All in all, these songs are catchy and make me happy so I'm thankful for them goddamnit.

Lets be honest people, where would I actually be without my signature eyeliner!!
I've worn MAC's wingtip fluid eyeliner since 7th grade and its part of my daily routine!
Without it, well I'd just be very sad.

6) Twinkies

Because us Americans flipped out so hard about them going out of business 
they've been saved
and thousands of peoples jobs have been saved too!!
5) Jezebel

Because I love every article, every article, and it fills time during boring classes.
They write for girls JUST LIKE ME, I'm serious, I feel like they are writing for me.
The articles are great, they cater exactly to my interests.
And gah, I'm just thankful such a website exists.
I hope to write for them one day, maybe just maybe!

4) America and my right to vote
You know how much this country means to me.
And I'm sorry that this holiday is based upon the holocaust of the Native Americans.
I really think that it should be more about gluttony and telling all your distant relatives, "hey, I know I only see you once a year, and even though we wouldn't talk if we weren't connected by blood, I'm thankful for you."

3) Haters
because would we be anywhere without them?
Haters keep you in your place. They remind you that you arent THAT special (even though you know otherwise) and they are a constant reminder that you need to keep your chin up and be the best you that you can be.

Because if you have haters, you are doing something right.

2) Blogspot, Tumblr and YOU!

Without blogger and tumblr and all of you BEAUTIFUL readers, I'd be nowhere. I think this journey we've been on together has been beautiful and crazy and simply too much fun. This Christmas eve will be my TWO YEAR BLOGAVERSARY! Do you know what that means!?!? Two whole years on this blog, talking to you all and to say the least, I am very very thankful!

1) My Family

I would be nowhere without my spectacular sisters and parents.
Devon through the party this year and it was a smashing success
here are some photos
Hayley and the 5th Hughes, LEINEY

perfect topknot

Betty Crocker Dream!!

Hayley my mother and I all wore DVF

The secret is that you can adjust wrap dresses SUPER easily

can I eat this all again.

My traditional demon turkey photo:


(where did my eyebrows go?)

Forgive my absence and dont mind a future absence 
I'm REALLY busy with school and work but I'll try my hardest to make time for yall
Have a wonderful day
and PLEASE, keep it thankful


  1. You and your family look so good! And you all have such great style!! And omg that food looks so good.

  2. Your family looks awesome! And the haters bit made me feel a little better, I was recently 'hated on' and got really down about it =/