I Do Believe in Faeries, I Do, I Do!

Clap If You Believe in Faeries.

a simple outfit post.


Outfit Details:
Top: Forever21
Skirt: American Apparel 
Lei: Graduation

This haku lei was from my highschool graduation in 2011. I kept it and over the years it has completely dried up. However I still find it absolutely gorgeous. I keep it because it symbolizes triumph and my completion of High School therefore the completion of lower education and my cringe worthy adolescent days. I will try to hold onto this haku for as long as possible because its a reminder that I will NEVER have to go back. Also at my school we didnt have cap and gown so how else am I supposed to remember that glorious graduation day! I felt it was perfectly fitting for my faerie inspired outfit. I've always loved faeries, I still believe that I am one. 

Do you believe in faeries?
Let me know down below in the comments if you believe in faeries, also let me know if you think I should become a brunette again.

Have a wonderfully magical day everyone
and please,
keep it sassy


  1. Keep the red for a while, but the brunette definitely suits you!

    I LOVE that skirt sooooo much! And that lei is so gorgeous... I've always wanted something like that! Do you know how to make them?

  2. I love the whole outfit!!!


    I was actually in peter pan a couple of years ago. I had two comedic rolls one being a fairy. The fairies for whatever reason did random improv while the sets were being changed. SO MUCH FUN.
    Anyways, you look so magical and I think it is super rad that you kept your lei from highschool