How to Stay Positive.

Positively Positive. 

A little anonymous birdy flew to my window and chirped "how do you stay so positive?" (although coming from a bird it was a lot less audible, it sounded more like "chirp chirp chirp chirp")

Any who, I actually think I'm the perfect person to write about this because I deal with positivity on a daily basis. 

Point blank: I am a negative person. 
I naturally can be pessimistic and slightly judgmental and I just seem to find all the bad in the world.
I get sad sometimes for no reason, I have a temper and I can be really irritable. 

so, you are wondering, "how do you stay positive?"
There is one answer.
Look for the tiny small things that make you smile :)

When something bad happens, it's so easy to look at it from a large scale, for example this morning.
I was sleeping all snug in my bed with dreams of Lana Del Rey dancing in my head. Then all of a sudden at 6 AM the lights started flashing and a loud "THERE IS A FIRE IN THE BUILDING, PLEASE LEAVE THE BUILDING THROUGH THE NEAREST EXIT."
Scared because we haven't had a fire drill in forever and I was half asleep therefore not thinking clearly, I ran out of my building in a tiny blue dress without shoes or a jacket. IT WAS FREEZING and really really windy and frankly I was miserable. I was thinking so negatively at that point but then once everything was cleared, and we were allowed to go back up, I saw something amazing.
The sky looked magnificent! 
I was too annoyed to remember that, as early as 6 AM is, it's also my favorite time of day. 
The sky is a pretty light blue hue, and its still chilly out and it was simply breathtaking.

And thats what positivity is all about, finding the one thing that makes you smile, even if everything else SUCKS.

This morning all I wanted to do was to get breakfast with the dreamboat, but he was sleepy and I was agro, so I left without him.
Then, listening to Sufjan Stevens, I went to the local coffee shop, Glazers, and bought a strawberry bagel and vanilla lattee that I enjoyed at my favorite spot
I just watched the ducks swim across the pond, and sipped my sweet iced lattee.
It was perfect.

Now nature isn't the only thing that makes me happy.
Other small things that make me happy are:
-Waiting for an package
-My friend Sofi's tiny feet
-Hugs from my Mom
-My sister Kelsey's love of children's artwork
-When my sister Devon says "cool moves"
-Long drives with my sister Hayley 
-Coffee in any form
-A great sales day 
-Days off
-My closet, that in itself makes me SO happy.
-Clean sheets
-Pom Poms
-Stories from my Dad
-Laughing, oh goodness laughing makes me happy.

 Even though school and life are stressing me out, little things like getting Pho with my best friends Sofi and Nygell and ending the night with a bowl full of pistachio and honey gelato will always make me happy.

And even if positivity comes in the form of empty calories, or an empty bank account, do what YOU have to do to make yourself happy.
Because thinking negatively will eventually destroy you. 

Just remember, even if everything is miserable and going all wrong, every cloud has a silver lining

goodness I love Rilo Kiley,

just try to keep the little things in mind when you are really sad. 
Wear your favorite shoes, drink some tea, get a hug, laugh!
Don't ever forget the little things.

Have a great day, and please, keep it positive. 


  1. I love your list of small things that make you happy. It is full of people you love. I know when I'm feeling sad being with people I care for usually cheers me up too :)

    When I was feeling really sad earlier this year this made me cry it made me so happy: http://rachelyelding.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/when-all-feels-hopeless-give-hope-to.html

    Also thanks for the Rilo Kiley share! I've never heard them before today and I really like! Shame they're all broken up though! (Always happens when I find a band I like lol)