Friday Favorites:
Fantastic Mr.Fox Edition

November is here, meaning fall is officially here, and even though I can't wear sweaters or see the leaves change colors where I live, who is to say I can't dream about it. When I think about fall, the rich color scheme of the Wes Anderson film comes to mind, so this Friday Favorites is Fantastic Mr.Fox themed. Enjoy ;)

This blazer I genuinely believe is a human size replica of an outfit in the film.
Its fluffy, and patterned and is a Wes Anderson dream come true.
I would wear this on a long walk in the dewey morning under a canopy of tree branches with the sun lighting my path through the translucent leaves!
This beauty is available for $189.99 on ModCloth

I love sweaters, they make me want to get cozy. I specifically LOVE animal sweaters, (yall have seen my bunny sweater) And this sweater just makes me so happy. 
It makes me want to cuddle and drink a salted carmel mocha from Starbucks
its only 72.99 on ModCloth

While these mornings are anything but chilly, I still have a warm cup of coffee every morning, and why not have it in such an adorable cup.
The faster you drink, the faster you'll see this little friend.
available on ModCloth for $26.99

Tights have been my favorite accessory for fall. These tights portray the weather that I dream of. 
I would love to spin around in these lovely tights on a beautiful autumn day
$39.99 available on ModCloth

These Jeffrey Campbell oxfords are perfect for a fantastic foxy lady.
$119.95 and you can buy them at Nordstrom 

Now this one may be biased because I really need a new backpack right now but this Fjällräven backpack is essential for all sorts of adventures. School adventures, or actual wilderness adventures, this bag will store everything you need and more, its available in many different colors and is only 74.99 on ModCloth click here

I love Etsy because you can always find such perfect handmade treasures, like these Fantastic Mr. Fox ties from Etsy seller ScatterBrainTies. You can order any color, and it would look dashing on any strapping fellow who has a heart of gold and an old soul.
and for only $28, why not!?!

Topshop has released another bunny sweater.
To say I'm excited is an understatement
hop hop hop to the link here
and its only $80

My grandmother gave me a golden acorn, and while mine is vintage and I've yet to find another one, this very cute very miniature acorn necklace is to die for! Any squirelly girl would be nibbling at the bit to get a gem like this and its only $12 from Etsy seller Evelynmaecreations

I know my sister Kelsey has her eye on this gem, and I may just have to get it for her for Christmas. Created by LaLisette, this leather pouch is the perfect purse for all seasons. Its cute and definitely a compliment snatcher. The face is so precious it will gather attention from all sorts of woodsy friends!!
$99.00 click here

My dear friend Sofi gave me this ADORABLE foxy hat from the etsy seller Awberry last christmas, and this was one of my favorite gifts EVER. I wear it when I go ice skating or anywhere coldish for that matter, AND THE EARS ARE FLOPPY, its perfect.
And for $25 everyone should own it,
all the cool kids will own it,
it'll be a "thing"

Etsy seller, MsSpanner, sells these ADORABLE Sufjan Stevens themed cards for only $4.00
I completely whole heartily recommend Sufjan Stevens if you are looking for some music to listen to for the next few months, it is perfect and you will love it and be happy.

I'm temped to buy these cards and send them to my friends with a Sufjan mix-tape included.

I think I might have to do that,

Have a lovely November
and PLEASE keep it sassy,

(and let me know if you end up getting any of these AWESOME items)


  1. My animal spirit guide is a fox (has this phrase sense to you?) so I can't no love this things. Brillant post as always!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ^^

    1. Replying to alice, because my spirit animal is a fox too! This is my favourite sassy post so far because I love Wes Anderson and am obsessed with Fantastic Mr. Fox. I had already been looking to get one of those ties for my future husband (he better wear it to the wedding!) and now I'm dying to get that hat!!! I love it, and I especially love that you love it. Also, guess what, my roommate moved out! I realized I should tell you, ya lovely bucket of sass!!
      Stay sassy, sweet tea!!

  2. I love Fantastic Mr. Fox! I think i kinda need that blazer... :)

  3. Great post! I love foxes (and your hair)! I wish I was American so that I could buy that jacket!