DIY: Hand Turkey

Now I know, you've never heard of this before, you're thinking "How do I make a turkey....out of my HAND?"

Well little turkeys, thats what I'm here for. 

I am the master of DIY's

1) Get craft supplies
colored paper, glitter, pens, glue etc

2) Find a hand
Anyones hand will do!

Stay with me people, I know this is difficult

3) Place your hand on the paper

4) Outline your hand on paper
okay look! you made your turkey!
It looks exactly like one! am I right???

5) Bedazzle the stuffing out of it and stick it on your fridge FOR EVERYONE TO SEE
I gave it red hair like me!
Remember you need to show this craft off, people who see it will be baffled by your extreme artistry and craft.

its very reminiscent of a turkey place mat I made in 2nd grade
Am I the next Picasso or what?

(note the bjork Magnent, thanks Tymon)

Kelsey made one too
(I think mine is much more anatomically correct)

Onto some holiday throw back thursday cheer,
Look how adorable my sister Devon was, as a baby on thanks giving

then there was me
why did I look so depressed

look at this face!!! I looked like a serial killer!!!!

Well folks thats about it
whatever is on your fridge or
 on your table

I hope you have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving

I hope it isnt too awkward,
I hope no racist or sexist comments are spoken
and I hope we can all give thanks and try to remember that despite the commcerialization of this holiday, we are still celebrating the take-over and mass genocide of Native Americans on this land mass we call home.

Have a great day
and keep it thankful,


Jason Segel loves hand turkeys too!

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  1. I made a giant turkey out of construction paper the night before Thanksgiving. It's on my Instagram. I only wish I'd made it sooner, but it's going to hang out through the holidays with Santa.