Becoming Brie Larson: Part 2

Becoming Brie Larson: Part 2

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Okay, you all know how creepy my obsession with Brie Larson is, lets be real.
SO here is another post where I scoured the intertubes to find clothing that she wore.

This was another one that was from the actual set, meaning she ACTUALLY wore it.

but not from the US of Tara, this one was from her film 21 Jump Street
So if you havent seen the film I whole heartily recommend it.
here is the trailer.

And even though you can barely see Brie Larson in this trailer, trust me she is in this film, she gets to kiss Dave Franco and she is absolutely adorable the whole way through.

So I found one of her outfits from the set on Ebay


Now I can't find anymore photos off google from this scene but I got a ticket of authenticity 

Any who it's exciting.
She wore it.
She touched it.
And it makes me happy.

Goodness I sound creepy.

Please let me know if you hear about anything else she owns or know where I can buy a version of something she wore idk, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

also how cute is this United States of Tara phone case off showtime.com


Anywho that wraps up part deux of Becoming Brie Larson

Please let me know if you have a celebrity that you are obsessed with too!
Have a great day
keep it sasssy,


  1. Where did you get your shoes???? I am like, in LOVE with them. And I am very pick with shoes for some weird reason but I love mary-jane and flapper styled heels. Ohmahgawd... Pardon my drooling.

    I may or may not be drawing a picture for you...

  2. TEACH ME HOW TO FIND OUTFITS FROM REAL PEOPLE ON EBAY. I need every outfit from Skins and Ugly Betty and Girls. Ah. And I love how happy this post is. I love you happy. :)