Tiny Details.

Tiny Details:
I haven't forgotten that its October

While my posts have been anything but Halloween themed, I wanted you all to not forget that I am as seasonally as they come.
especially Halloween, see here

so here are a few tiny details I added to my dorm to make it feel more spooky. 

Here is my desk! 

I also ask my momma for a tiny pumpkin.
When I was little 2-year-old we lived in Half Moon Bay, and we'd go to the pumpkin patch
this is my mommas little reminder of that.
And it makes me rather happy.

Then of course my glitter skull with color changing lights

My garland of skeletons

Britney LOVES skeletons

And no room would be ready without a little bit of sugar.

I'll let you know if I add anything else, and y'all remember the pink christmas tree I have, BE PREPARED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

Have a wonderful evening
and PLEASE, keep it spooky,

(P.S. If you have any cool art or posters that you want to send me PLEASE contact me, my walls are SO boring!)

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