The United States of Sasssquatch

The United States of Sasssquatch

In the spirit of Halloween, and the spirit of the amazing tv show The United States of Tara, I've decided to do an homage to her alters in my very own rendition called "The United States of Sasssquatch." If you havent watched the show
1. What is Wrong with you
2. You may not understand what this entire post is about, also spoilers are included.
But to briefly explain, the show is about a woman in Kansas with a family and job who also has Disociative Identity Disorder, this meaning she has alternate personailities. These several unique personalities take over her body leading her into wild predicaments, and overall the show is just awesome. Its written by Diablo Cody and it gets 5 thumbs up and the sassy seal of approval.

While I don't have DID, you don't have to give me an excuse to dress up.

This rough and tumble southern man is not one to eff with. If you shake his daughter he'll "eff you sideways." The quintessence of class and a true gentlemen, Buck loves drinking and smoking and overall being a rude dude with a chip on his shoulder. Despite all of this Buck proves to be a reliable booby-buddy and a great father type despite his occasional moodswings.

or I suppose she'd be "S" in my case. T is sassy, she is my sassiness in the most unadulterated unchanged form. She is 16 years old and won't let anyone forget it. Despite being trapped in an older body, T is young and vivacious with DDR skills and a quick tongue. She means well even when things don't go her way and she has a bit of a meltdown, its nothing some time in the shed won't fix! 
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The quintessential 50's housewife, she is prim and proper and can make the most perfect lemon tart! Shes tidy and polite and if you don't watch your tonuge she'll wash your mouth out with soap. She cleans, cooks and even has time to volunteer. With the perfect shade of red lipstick and her famous pearls, Martha Stewart has got nothing on Alice.

Shoshana Schoenbaum
The free-thinking, guidance giving therapist has a deep understanding inside Tara's mind. She's a busy woman with a down to earth seventies soul. She's written several books, helps several clients a day and has such shiny hair. Being the only therapist that understands Tara throughoughly she may act like she knows-it-all, maybe too much leading her to teach a lecture in absense of the sciology professor.

Chicken is 5 years old. She wants to be the flower girl at the wedding and won't let Char-char get in her way. She is silly and fun but gets scared easily. While she may seem immature because she is in an older body, she is the personification of all things silly and fun.

And don't think i forgot about gimmie

so I hope you enjoyed this post,
I certainly had fun taking on all the different characters, especially on a night like tonight.
Have a great halloween
and PLEASE keep it spooky

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  1. You really are my soul-sista, lady! USoT is one of my favorites too. Love this post so much. You look adorable :')

    What did you think of the way they ended the series? It was a bit of a cliffhanger if I remember correctly?

    You should do an outfit post of princess Hawkwind! :P