The Business Woman's Special

"The Business Woman Special"

I'm nineteen years old, which means, by definition I am a "big girl." I gots a real job, I gots that college level edubication and I pay taxes.
I know you are thinking "EWWWWWWWW," and while I agree, I also have to point out the fun of being a "big girl."

I can eat ice cream whenever I feel like it,
I don't have a bed time,
I can vote and most importantly I get to wear "business women attire," which sounds boring but can be OH SO FUN!!  

Channeling my style icons Romi and Michelle, I put on my grown up tweed dress and got the "business woman's special" for lunch, i.e. a goat cheese and apple salad.

look at how much fun I'm having!

(forgive the rips in my tights, they have a mind of their own)

Outfit Details:
Dress: TopShop
Belt: TopShop
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Tights: House of Holland
Shoes: BP at Nordstrom

Funny story, when I was in middle school I loved business attire so much, I bought a tiny business blazer and skirt and carried around a briefcase.
yes, I'm THAT cool.
But hey man, my dreams are coming true! This is my moment, and I'm gonna wear tweed with the rest of them. 

Have a lovely evening and a good day at work people
keep it sassy,


  1. I love you in the businesswoman version <3

  2. That is one aaaaawesome tweed dress! :P
    And I agree! Business dress is actually quite fun! ^_^