Supernova Girl.

Friday Favorites:
Moonbeam Addition

(These are 100% my opinions and I'm not getting paid for any of this, merci)

In homage to one of my favorite bloggers The Dainty Squid, I've decided to copy her segment, Friday Favorites. 
I decided that every friday they'll have a different theme, and the first friday favorite will be galaxy and moon beam themed.
This theme comprises of my loves of mine: Sailor Moon, astronomy, Rosewell, Zenon, star-gazing and just the dewey unknown that is the multiverse.
so enjoy these songs my tumblr friends and I put together, while you travel through space, time and my friday favorites. 

This beautiful moon ring is created by MoonTideArt and is only $12. It has such character and would look inspiring on any dainty finger.

Everyone knows with my pink hair, I AM CHIBIMOON, so why not get the perfect hair clips! (If you don't watch the show or read the comic you probably have no clue what I'm talking about)
They are only $6 from xxstarlightxx and they are so class and cute, I NEED.

These blue moon earrings are simply to die for. The moons are blushing as if they are too shy to play.
The sweet faces will be the most perfect accessory for any wall flowers who blush at the batt of an eyelash from a dreamboat. 
$16 from CarlaLovato

Do you keep losing the keys to your spaceship? I know I have that problem, here is a WONDERFUL solution! This cute four charm key chain from the etsy seller customcreative is perfect for you and only $7.99

Even though I am a pink-haired journalism major by day, I can still fight evil by moonlight. This handmade broach has the perfect homemade/sentimental element for any Sailor whose looking for some courage. 
There are a few different styles and they are only $8.99 each from Glittergaragesales an etsy store that has  a spaceship full of Sailor Moon garb.

SEEDAS LA PEEDAS!!! This TopShop dress is so not inky to the fourth powered squared, it just makes me want to say "POW POW POW!!!" I want to own this, and twirl in it and wear white go-go boots and just rock around on Saturns' ring.
its on sale for $180.00 click here  

How Rosewell are these? GAH I need them, and that dreamy Alien boy with Katherine Heigel as his alien sister (you may be too young for my reference)
These are from my FAVE etsy store Imyourpresent and for only $5

Whether you are a knock-kneed alien princess or a clumsy college student, you need these in your life, you galaxy princess. I love the placement of the stars and how they dazzle your beautiful thin ankles. 
ModCloth is heaven on earth. 
You can buy these for $37.99 click here

These are for those perfect evening with the dreamboat! I'd serenade him with "honey you, are my shinning star, don't you go away" off key while we drink cider and contemplate the spaces between the stars. I hear these work if you click your heels three times in these puppies you get sent to venus!
from Modcloth on sale for $23.99 click here

This TopShop blouse leaves me all smiley inside. Its stellar and fun and I think it has so much personality. Sequins are a pink-haired alien girls' BEST FRIEND. This top makes me want to shimmy and shake and its the perfect sparkle for any day you are feeling less than happy.
on sale now for $130

A tiny telescope for the tiniest stars in our less than tiny galaxy.
$31.99 on Modcloth
After a long night of star gazing its time to dream weave and you best believe your head hits this pillow, dreams of UFO's, the Jetsons and a magic paradise, where we float instead of walk and we stop and smell the moon rocks.
For purchase on ModCloth $32.99

My sister is the QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE. She screen prints her own out of this world attire. 
Here name is HelloSpaceGirl, and you should say hello to her!!
This t-shirt is only $20.00

And what would this post be without Astronaut ice-cream? am I right or am I right?
This yumminess is purchasable on Fredflare for $5

Have a wonderful adventure
and please, keep it spacey


  1. It's all so perfect..


  2. Look at this --> https://www.e4.com/blog/skins-news/post/5bxgsbsw6jyu8sdbhp5yo/view.e4

    If someone is too young to understand the references to Sailor Moon and Rosewell, well, he needs to get an education!!

    1. And Cassie is my favorite character too <3