Mondays :(

Mondays, Who Needs Em!

Forgive the quality of these photos, I had to take them on my iPhone
This is what I wore today.

Outfit Details:
Top: TopShop
Necklace: Kate Spade
Skirt: Vintage 
Leggings: Pretty Polly
Shoes: My sister Hayley's closet
Pins (left to right): The first two from the Tate Modern and the most right from Art N Flea

Normally I'm insecure about wearing my hair up, due to a traumatic picture day incident in 1st grade. However my hair wasn't suitable to wear down because I look like I had been electrocuted. 

 Funny story about this necklace:
I saw a customer with it and thought I NEED TO HAVE THAT, I ran down to our Kate Spade section at Nordstrom but I didnt see that, so instead of using my discount, I ran to the Kate Spade store BUT they were having a sale, so I got a better discount than my Nordstrom one. I FELT LIKE AN EXTREME COUPONER.  

As I mentioned previously I got the left and middle one at the Tate Modern on my trip to the UK. The left is from AMAZING Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and the middle one is from Damien Hirst. Those were AMAZING exhibits to see, I love modern artz.

yall know how much I love my pretty polly tights!

and my sweet friend Geo made me a friendship bracelet,
hes actually the cutest
follow him on tumblr

and I saw a dead bird on the way home

stay spooky everyone


  1. Wait this is the cutest outfit ever and I'm obsessed with the necklace!

  2. Super cute! And you hair looks great too :D
    Poor birdy :-(

  3. Fuck Mondays. I love your top.

  4. Oh man I love your look. The tartan skirt is perf! Poor bird ):