Libester Award


they like me, they really like me
(hehe jk)


Forgive my lack of posts, I've been having a small-kine existential crisis over here, BUT fear not, because I've got a TON of new content headed your way chickadees,

In the mean time one of my ADORABLE blogger friends Naivebones nominated me for a libester award and I couldn't be more elated! Mostly because the last thing I won was a fruitcake in a silent auction at my elementary school :/ 

anywho apparently you answer 11 questions then nominate 11 people with 200 followers or less to answer them, so here goes nothin folks.

1.What do you think of my blog?
Your blog is an absolute dream, you have great content, great photos, and you are ALWAYS teaching me new things, not to mention you have an adorable head of hair which protect a very quick and beautiful mind <3
I think we should collab soon in the very near future!!

2. What do you think of the blogosphere?
Well, I've been MIA as of recently, I want to be involved and I want to know everyone but I find myself getting overwhelmed looking at others peoples content. I dont like just commenting other peoples blogs so they comment mine, I think thats stupid and is not genuine. I think that we, tiny blogs need to stick together and that I need to make a conscious effort to include myself in this awesome stratosphere.   

3. Most beautiful thing?
Other than Ezra Miller of course, I'd have to say the most beautiful thing is the formation of a really good idea. Whether it comes to you after several mistrials or it pops into your head sporadically there is nothing more beautiful than a good idea.

4.Main Objective
To use this blog as the creative outlet I need. Whenever I write I feel loads better, I've had this thing for almost 2 years now. This blog also serves as a great time capsule for my life, my moods and how my life has gone so far, I couldn't be happier with this baby. 
5. Biggest vice
Time management, if it were up to me, I'd drop out of school and blog full time, but I cant do that so sadly blogging has been taking the back burner, but I will make a conscious effort here on out to blog as much as possible!

6. Favorite song
Moon River.
Most renditions will do, but the original still has my heart
I want this song to be played at my wedding.

7. What Do you Hate Most?
Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Rape Jokes, Bad table manners, the list goes on and on.

8. Best Quality
Damn, um, well, I try to smell nice always. 

9. Defect
My grammar.

10. Idol
My mother.

11. Are you happy?
Honestly? No, I've been stressing myself out and spreading myself too thin, I want to make time for everything but I can't and I set really high standards for myself, too high for the average pink haired girl!

Who do you nominate?
I would nominate Naivebones again but thats obviously pointless
I'm gonna say
Lydia- her style is so fresh and we've been blogger friends for like, ages now, her style is actually 2 kewl
Roma- Cause she's what dreams are made of
Alice- cause she and I are soul sisters, who art is as beautiful as her words which are as beautiful as each follicle of hair on her pretty intelligent head!
Cecilia- We arent blogging friends but I find her blog to be THE BOMB, not only is she a total hair inspiration but a total feminist badass inspiration aswell, plus she loves glitter as much as me!!
SpookyPuke- Her blawg is da bawm.

Look forward to new exciting content from me

Have a wonderful evening and PLEASE keep it sassy,

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  1. OMG thank you so so so so so so much! No one have never nominated me for something. And be nominated by you it's even more exciting! And thank you for your nice words, it's always gratifying to be appreciated.
    I'll make my post soon and surely take a look to the other blogs: I'm sure they are amazing 'cause your style is famous.
    Another thing: I totally agree about the fact that leave a comment on others blog just to receive a comment is stupid, and what is the point to have a lot of comments of people who just respond to your comment but who maybe don't have nothing to say?
    I guess that not so much people tell you that because you are the one who tells this to the other, so... have a wonderful week and please keep it sassy!!