~~I'll Put a Spell On You~~

Friday Favorites:
Witching Hour Addition.

As we all know, Halloween weekend is upon us.
and its safe to say that I am ELATED.
so obviously for this friday favorites I'm going to show you my favorite spooky items.
This tiny Beetlejuice terrarium is one of the best things I've seen on Etsy.
My sister Kelsey discovered it and I want one so badly!
It would be the perfect subtle spooky decoration that would sit spooky on your desk year round.
Buy this item fast because it'll be sold out by the time I say "beetlejuice" three times!

A tiny ouija board iPhone case for tiny séances, maybe of old cellphones past!
I have this old nokia brick that I'm positive is haunting me.
Its available for iPhone 4 and 5 from iCaseSeraSera

These jack skelington knee highs make me want to do the Monster Mash!
They would look perfectly creepy with my pair of creepers
and they are available on ModCloth right now for $19.99

As much as I morally can't stand Urban Outfitters,
I do find this shirt pretty cute
and totally DIY-able
BUT if not you can buy it for $29 

Now this is also available on Urban Outfitters but PLEASE for the life of me, DIY this,
they are selling it for $48, and this would be an absolute breeze to make yourself.
If you guys want me to attempt this let me know
but for more details 

I saw these amazing Salem Saberhagen flats on FredFlare
I want them because every time you look down at your feet you can think of one of Salem's witty one liners. And if you think about it, wearing these flats is like two black cats leading your way, you wont have to worry about one of them crossing your path.
They are $52 dollars but boy, do they make me holler

For the girl that is "too-cool-for-ghouls" on Halloween, this sassy sweater gives any angsty dead thing some obvious sass for Halloween day. Perfect for school or for giving out candy, it speaks loudly for zombies who can only say "grjawifjksjkjkjksjkl"
Eat brains and have a good time for $49.00 on Urban Outfitters

Complete Series of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on DVD, I DIE.
Full priced this stuff runs for a lot more, but this whole bundle is only $36.15
I need it, look forward to a blogpost on my love of Sabrina and how I constantly compare my life to this show

This bra is PERFECT for any spooky miss who lets her creep flag fly! haha I've seen images of this bra floating around on tumblr but Im so glad I found etsy seller SummerGrace who makes this lovely bra. It would be perfect for a sexy spooky costume or for one of those Rave things the youngins go to. 
This beauty is available for $20

I have blue eyes, so blue eyed things make me happy. I like the idea that I'm wearing actual eyeballs, idk its weird but I dig it. Besides eyeballs always remind me of childhood haunted houses where you put your hand in a bag full of grapes under the assumption that they are eyeballs.
Idk I think this is really cool, okay?
Available in other colours from etsy seller Savoirs for $35

I love these spidey leggings, although knowing me I wouldnt act all chic in them, I would be flinging Spidey webs like the comic book lover that I am
Available at TopShop for $76

If you need them too, which you do,
they are only $14 from Penelope Meatloaf

These chubby baby leg salt n peppa shakers are actually perfect.
They are so cute and so creepy simultaneously, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. They remind me of how destructive kids are with toys and I think they'd be the perfect table setting.
They are from Modernfx for only $35

SALEM EYES!!! Meep, these are so cute, they have so many colors, GAH, PrettySnake has so many different, cute, spooky items like these and these are PERFECT for all year long, they are spooky and silly and I love them, I simply LOVE them.
And they are only $8,
they are PERFECT

Cover your head in a bandage and wear these babies and BOOM, you are Van Gough for Halloween. 
These adorable puppies are available for $10 at FredFlare

And what witch themed post would be complete without a copy of The Crucible
You can find this as cheap as $4.82 on Amazon

Also ImYourPresent has a TON of things for halloween, I couldn't pick my favorite so I'll show off a few

I'll also be doing a candy segment on this blog coming up.
Let me know if you have any ideas for spooky goodies 
and any ideas for online shops I should check out!!
Have a wonderful evening and a SAFE halloween
PLEASE, keep it spooky

P.S. Thank you all for over 100,000 views!



  1. I ordered a pair of those skeleton stockings! They have arrived and I'm so excited to rock them at my friend's halloween party!! xxx

  2. I LOVE this post! I have those skeleton stockings except that they're proper tights so it goes all the way up. I got them for $5 on sale at Hot Topic! Now I really want the bra... hehe.
    You are so inspiring :)