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Many people have been asking me what I've been years past for Halloween
I've come up with a few different ideas throughout my 18 years of halloween so I thought why not show you what I was and how you can do it too!

since my presence on the facebook has only been for 3 years I'll show you my halloween costumes from a few years prior and then some other costumes I did just for fun.

My Junior year of high school I had my single best costume I ever had ever
I was Martin Luther, yes, Martin Luther, as in, Martin Luther and the protestant reformation.
Im a bit of a history buff, and I discovered that the exact day the Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the church's door was October 31, 1517. HOW PERFECT.
I kept shouting "HERE I STAND I CAN DO NO OTHER," and I even printed out and nailed taped the 95 thesis to my headmasters door. 

you can find tons of monk types robes on ebay, just ad a wooden cross and voila.

That same Halloween, I need a token scandalous outfit, my friends and I were the 7 deadly sins I was Gluttony, and forgive my lack of a full body picture but I was wearing these items from American Apparel.
My outfit comprised of:

I wore blue mary janes, attached felt donut plushies to my b00bz, and fastened some pieces of plastic candy on a headband and bada boom bada bing you are gluttony, or Katy Perry or whatever 

Then senior year rolled around and I had another set of two awesome costumes
My two best friends Sam (left) and Elise (right) fufilled my ultimate childhood dream that year of being Alvin and the Chipmunks for halloween.
Yeah we were High School seniors...but whatever this was such a genius costume, and all it took were snuggies. I just bought a red one and my momma sewed a giant yellow "A" on mine.

Then another childhood dream came true, 
I thought for my senior year of High School, I'd wear the same costume that I wore during my Kindergarten year, I was the sassiest mouse on the block!

A sassy mouse from 1998 and from 2010.
Some things really don't change.

This outfit also consists of many items from good ole American Apparel
I wore:

Then the other items you can find anywhere: black ballet skirt, Ears & Tail, the tie was from my Dad and the little oxfords were from H&M I think.

Then my Freshman year of college things got brighter, at that point I started dying my hair and it was the PERFECT shade of red for my two costume ideas.
The Little Mermaid


Damn, that was one heck of a night!
Anywho I bought all my items from, you guessed it, American Apparel 

I just pinned the back of the green skirt to give it more of a mermaid look
I wore biege Havanan slippers and my mom gave me this big shell, shes so cute. 
And I got my makeup done at MAC, it was PERFECT.

Then, the next night I was Poison Ivy

I channeled Uma Thurman with this look, and I think it came across pretty well.
To no surprise, My clothes are from American Apparel!!
I wore:

Old belt I DIY'd, Moccassins from GoodWill and vintage green gloves from my mother. 
I did my hair and makeup myself, HOLLAH

that was also a darn good night. 

A few other notable costumes from Sasssquatch's past are:
Mordecai the Hawk from The Royal Tenenbaums 

Snookie with a samarai sword and yes I am wearing a bump-it. 


Ginny Weasley. 

Little red riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
or Teen Wolf, whatever works.. 

Wayne Campbell.

 So I hope this post got your ideas flowing,
as for this year yall are simply going to have to wait. 
Have a wonderful day
and please keep it spooky,

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  1. holy fuck that martin luther costume is amazing. I AM SO ENVIOUS. virtual high 5!