Becoming Brie Larson: Part 1

Becoming Brie Larson: Part 1

I don't know how to introduce this series without sounding creepy.
Okay I'll just say it point-blank, I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Brie Larson and her style especially in  one of my favorite television shows, The United States of Tara (future blogpost on that coming soon), that being said, I've started a mission, to try to recreate as many of her looks as possible because they are cute and I like them.

This sweater is most exciting because I bought it off eBay and it was from the set!
slightly creepy, I know but WHATEVER it is exciting.
I'm slightly heart broken because I discovered that at one point in time all of her clothes were for sale but I MISSED OUT ON ALL OF THEM :(

SO, if any of you Brie Larson fans are out there and wanna send me some of her amazing clothes, or are willing to sell me them PLEASE let me know

To say I'm excited is an understatement.
Whether its her impecable style, or adorable humor, or her perfectly bouncy curls, I admire Brie Larson a lot and I think this series will be really fun to do, plus its just fun looking out for clothing and making outfits and what not.

So if you know of anywhere, where I can create similar outfits or know of anybody selling anything that was hers PLEASE let me know

Know I got to get the dreamboat to take me on a date in this magical sweater
(its gonna be my lucky sweater!)

Have a great evening
and please
keep it spooky