This was the night of the tsunami, that turned out to not be a tsunami. 
We got all dressed up, expectation was high and we were ready for a spooktacular evening, until DUN DUN DUN, we heard tsunami sirens and we knew the party was over.

For those of you not from here, we get Tsunami siren testing on the first day of every month, so we know what they sound like, and with a few different tsunami false alarms we all knew what was gonna happen.

If you were near the ocean head to higher ground
and if anything fun is happening IT WILL BE CANCELLED.
The rave Haunted Wonderland was cancelled.
The chinatown block party was cancelled.
even the OFWGKTA concert was cancelled. 

And we were sad.

My sister and her friends dressed up as Greek gods and goddess, it was perfect!
Left to right: Kelsey as Athena, Ben as Ares, Kamran as Zeus, Mitch as Cupid and Alexei  as Poseidon! 

Along with that sweet Bella was Bowie and her friend was a purple fairy? I don't actually know

Bella was a perfect David Bowie.

I love my she was a perfect Athena AND I WAS PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM.
I was trying to think of a costume with pink hair and this topped the list
a few others were
-Gwen Stefani in the Runnin music video
-Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon 
-Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim
-Nicki Minaj (cept I'm her EVERYDAY)

Forgive the poop lighting it was night-time

Outfit Details:
Bandeau and Skirt: Betsey Johnson
Collar: From a Forever21 Jacket
Socks: TopShop
Shoes: TopShop
Crown: Handmade

Then there is Kelsey

Outfit Details:
Tops and Skirt: American Apparel
Helmet: Homemade
Bangles: Vintage from my Granny Betty who apparently dated at Peruvian Prince
Shoes: Steve Maden

A few more Gods and Goddess joined the party and I felt like the odd ball out

Luckily I was joined by my dreamboat who was my Fin.

We ran around town after drinking pumpkin beer looking for a party.
We then came home and watched Coraline and at candy and noodles till I fell asleep.

Overall I'd give this Tsunama-rama 3.5 waves

Have a great Halloween 
Stay safe and don't get washed away
or eat too much candy
Stay Spooky


  1. Ahhh I love you as Princess Bubblegum! And am officially dying to go as Olympians to a partay. Loving Kelsey as Athena. I would so go as Artemis. Can we just costume together 24/7?

    1. Heehee, I saw this and couldn't help mentioning...my name is Artemis :3