Ke$ha, What the Eff.

        Ke$ha, What the Eff.

Some of you might know, I've been a Ke$ha fan for quite some time now.

May I remind you all of the Ke$ha inspired photoshoot, I did many MANY moons ago.

Yes, I was sixteen and yes, I thought I was cool. 

Her music resonated with my sixteen year old heart, I would dance to "Your love is my drug" when I was feeling all bubbly with young unrequited love, I would cry to "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes," yes, I really would, when said love was in fact unrequited.

I bought a spirit hood, under the "wolf tribe," because I wanted to be one with my "spirit animal." I even went to a pow-wow once, covered in glitter. 


But all wasn't  totally lost with this phase. Despite everything I actually still really like Ke$ha's music.
Her voice, stripped away from all the auto-tunage is quite lovely, and the fact that she never lip-syncs really warms my heart!  

 So when I heard Ke$ha was coming out with a new album I was elated! 
On March 26, 2011 MTV released the article, Ke$ha Is Channeling 'Sexiness' of 70's Rock for New Album, which quotes  Ke$ha explaining that her new album would be "balls-out, irreverent rock and roll," she elaborated saying, "I've been pretty much in this 70's rock and roll kick and I just wanna capture some of the true essence of what rock and roll is..."

Now I'm getting pumped.

You guys know about my affinity for Mick Jagger, bell bottoms, Led Zepplin, raw guitars, The Who, and The Silver Platters. 

As a subscriber to Ke$ha on youtube, I was instantly alerted when she dropped this teaser of her new music. 

So I'm thinking...okay, Japan, okay, Ke$ha, I'm slightly confused but this is merely a teaser, the full song should be more rock and more sexy.

Then she releases the lyrical video


Its not that this song is bad per say, (its actually stuck in my head), but its the exact same "lets get effed up and live like there is no tomorrow" idea, to a recycled remix electronic beat the Mr. Roboto pooped out with a dubstep interlude. 
She kept the autotune, she kept the rapping, there was no raw sex appeal, it was as polished and as manufactured as an iPhone5. 

While Ke$has' music hit close to home when I was sixteen, frankly, I'm rather tired of her "YOLO" attitude that encourages bad behavior, and is as passe as feather extensions. 

Ke$ha, similar to my thoughts for my dear Betsey Johnson, I expect more from you, you have such a beautiful voice, and loads of potential, not to mention a devoted fan base that would love anything you produced, we know you can do better.

Now I'm not gonna rate your album yet, due to the fact that I havent listened to the entire thing, but let me just say that I wish your song was as kick as as the artwork for the single, I totally spy "The Bell Jar", font and you look ravishing. 

What do you think of Ke$ha's new song?
Have a lovely day folks, and please
lets keep things fresh

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