Betsey Johnson SPRTW 13': A Professional Hotmess.

Betsey Johnson Spring Ready-To-Wear 13': A Professional Hot-mess.

if you know my blog, or me at all, you know I'm Betsey Johnsons' ichiban fan. 
I've been shopping Betsey forever, I worked for her, heck I even met her!

so as you can guess I was eagerly awaiting this line especially considering how much I liked her Fall 2012 RTW line and of course after the whole bankruptcy debacle. 

Once the news about the company's bankruptcy hit our store, we were left with many unanswered questions,
Numbero Uno being Is she still gonna design?
and with little to no information being sent our way, we were left to the assumption that this would be the end. 

but then my tiny ears perked up like Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, SHE HAD A LINE COMING OUT THIS NYFW!!!!

Despite my computer being kidnaped by the apple store robots, I was able to get my hands on a computer to check out this line
but despite personal hype and total curiosity inspired anticipation, I was left feeling a bit "........."

The show kicked off with a blast from the past, demonstrating her iconic pieces from each decade
which was groovy, these were my favorite looks.

left: Grungy 90's inspired floral, Actually looks like something at TopShop right now, with those cute studded boots and chunky yellow knit sweater, actually works very well and is very reminiscent of her stuff designed of course in the 90s. 
Right: VIRGIN MARY SKIRT, do I need to reiterate how I much I love this. The colors are very fun and I mean, it matches my jesus candles! How could I not love this.

Above:.....Salmon Purse......need I say more?

(and is that glitzy the pig?)

y'all know how much I love poofys.
This show featured Betsey's classic pieces but see that was just that,
90 different looks with absolutely NOTHING new,
The only new featured items were her licensed products such as the Betseyville bags (three or more which were featured on a model at once, *cough* bag lady chic? *cough*)

While these looks that I feature were my favorite, they were my favorite of this collection, not of her work as a whole.

It was as if she said "forget the bankruptcy, lets just grab my old stuff, claim its "blast from the past", throw some accessories and shit on the models and we'll call it a day,"
to which I'd like to reply "NAH GIRL, DON'T DO THAT!!!!"

so here are some of the worst looks of the show

Left: Did she sell ad space for this show or...? 
Right: I can't help but think of Zoboomafoo, I mean what is this tail nonsense, plus how phallic looking is that one featured right in the front. Although not gonna lie, I'd be all over that backpack.


Left: The dress itself is beautiful but a baby stroller as an accessory? I just don't quite get it! I mean is this an allusion to The Babysitters Club because thats the only way I could be okay with this.

Right: Fluffer?......*sigh*

Left: Because nothing says prom like flippers and matching scuba goggles, WHAT? besides the flippers are a different shade of red, UGH, I can't.

Right:....I have no words.

This last look is the icing on the stale cake that the bakery got the name wrong and printed "Shalom Grandpa Lebowitz" instead of "Happy Birthday Caelan"

This outfit or lack there of is just sad.

This whole line is just sad.

There is no cohesion, there is no major aesthetic, its a whirling dervish of trends, plastic and emotions that make me want to puke the glitter I was force-fed through these 90 different looks. 
I wish she took time, Betsey, you're 70, you just went through a major bankruptcy, its okay for you to take a break.

Despite what she said in interviews, this collection isn't true Betsey.
I've been with her through the ups and downs of her career, but this has just left me feeling blue

Betsey, produce work that you believe in and that is held up to the original standard you set for your clothing and for yourself.
We don't expect you to be Superwoman, just make us proud,
don't bullshit us and treat us like those who wear K-mart stretch pants, we care about you, we care about your art and we know you can and have done better.

I don't mean to be harshing your mellow, 
because you work awfully hard and are really a wonderfully lady
but just know that I believe in you Betsey!

and on that note
have a wonderful evening 
and Betsey especially,
Please keep it sassy,


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  2. I liked ur article, u seem to know alot about fashion and her style! Sometimes harsh criticism can make a person who is already down get back up again. Your article shows that people still do care about her art!!! love you!!!

    Edward Nguyen