August Rain.

"August rain: the best of summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time."- Sylvia Plath

Luckily I live on an island of perpetually summer. Yet, I will admit, occasionally I take advantage of the beautiful place I call home. Until my dear friend Kate Ryan comes home. You must've seen Kate's work on my blog before if not CLICK HERE that girl is TALENTED.

She currently resides in a little cozy nest all the way in the big city, New York, New York. I miss her to bits while she is away, but whenever she is here we have a ball!

We began the day with coffee and a great playlist. 

We got yummy burgers and explored the opposite side of the island 
during rain and shine

and yall know how much I love Kua 'Aina
That burger was phenomenal, extra onion and avocado PLZ.

We ran into this amazing little stand, forgive the whitewash.

clothes by American Apparel I paid for all of them myself though of course. 


Kate is too cute. 

3 main beach essentials: Ray-ban clubmasters, evian facial mist and 100 SPF sunscreen (I am a vampire)

My bathing suit was courtesy of Betsey Johnson.

It was a marvelous day with a marvelous friend. 

While I'm sad to see her leave me for the big apple,
I'm excited to see her again soon

Hello September,
Pleasure to make your acquaintance

have a wonderful day
and please keep it sassy,


  1. God is that what the sea looks like over there? Unreal.

  2. It's always beautiful, stay with a friend who you can't see often. And, most of all, the fact that you are still friends, even if she lives miles away, not always happen (as I understood during the first year at university). Have a good week, rather, a sassy week ^^