Why Ugly Betty was the Best Show on Television.

Why Ugly Betty was the Best Show on Television.

So I just finished the television series Ugly Betty, and I'm a slur of emotions.
Okay not gonna lie, I'm pants-less, in a snuggie and I'm crying right now.
God damnit. That is a good show. Now, I might be writing this, high off of this shows finale, but inspiration like this will not fade like Kony 2012.
    I'm not sure if its all the Helen Gurley Brown subconscious teachings, the fact that I'm a hardcore feminist or the fact that I'm currently reading Valley of the Dolls but I'm obsessed with female empowerment stories where women make their dreams come true, and I haven't seen a show with a female protagonist like this ever. Betty is smart, quick, witty, unsuperficial, deep, resourceful, funny, and just beautiful and while receiving adverse judgement and harsh criticism she always rose about the negativity and shown like the bright star that she is.
Now I hate really lengthy articles about stuff so I'm gonna summarize in an article I like to call "Why Ugly Betty was the Best Show on Television," and it'll be broken down into 5 parts.
  • Fashion
  • Their portrayal of a transgendered character
  • The complex character development
  • The platonic relationship between Betty and Daniel
  • The Protagonist herself and GIRL POWER.

Okay pussycats, I know this show was filmed between 2006-2010, but that shows fashion is seriously on point. Now I know fashion from 2 to 6 years ago obviously can't be in fashion but the stylist for the show did a spectacular job picking countless timeless pieces for many of the outfits shown. Wilhelmina played by Vanessa Williams looks breathtaking in every frame, her plethora of beige dresses never seemed to bore my eye. Not to mention Betty, Bettys' funky style was actually one of my favorite parts of the show (not just because she wore an inordinate amount of Betsey Johnson) it was fun and always kept my attention.
(Shown from left to right: Becki Newton, Vanesa Williams and America Ferrera. click through to sources)

The Portrayal of a Transgendered Character
I've noticed the media's portrayal of the transgendered community doesn't shed the proper light on those individuals, leaving many ignorant and ill informed. I see them being portrayed as strange folk i.e. the pregnant man, or with single tracked problems i.e. Adam from Degrassi where all of his problems seem to revolve around the fact that he is trans. Now this show introduced Alexis, played by Rebecca Romain, and oh lawdy was she wonderful. This character was deep and had a complex backstory leading to her coming out. Alexis was not only a total fox, but was a real human being, and while few key plot points had to do with her being trans, she still had other story lines that had nothing to do with being trans, not to mention she totally was the president of the company for awhile and is a total bad-ass. Now with some minor pronoun issues and insensitive slurs in the beginning aside, I might go as far as to say this is my favorite portrayal of a transgendered character in the history of all countless hours of pants-less television that I've watched.  (image source)

The Complex Character Development
Oh my word this show does a great job of portraying how grey (not black and white) real humans are. Its impossible not to like any of these characters because the writers did such a great job giving them a wide array of human emotions. There is no major bad guys, or solely good guys, everyone is a roller coaster of good and bad intentions, with insecurities and family obligations and history and I just love it. Sometimes Betty messes up and does something selfish, or you see a glimmer of humanity in Wilhelmina, either way these characters are painted with a grayscale and I love it, each character is completely human and you don't see that often in most television shows. And throughout the course of this show you see a lot of growth and maturity gained in each character and its speaks bounds about human relationships.
The Platonic Relationship between Betty and Daniel
The relationship between these two characters is probably one of my favorite that I've seen between a man and a woman since....since.....I actually can't think of a platonic heterosexual male and female relationship that has ever been this good. Since the dawn of time we are told that men and women cannot simply be friends, one must always want to sleep with the other. But these two push that stereotype out the window. They are friends, coworkers and a phenomenal support system for each other without batting an eyelash in each others direction. This is a huge subconscious symbol to the world that we can live like this, where things are equal and sexual attraction can actually not be present in a healthy heterosexual opposite sex friendship.

The Protagonist herself and GIRL POWER.
As I mentioned previously Betty is one of the best female characters ever. She is so smart and always saves the day. She doesn't use her sex appeal or manipulative low blows to make her way to the top, instead she uses kindness and being helpful to her advantage and shows that through her positivity, handwork and tenacity and she really can accomplish anything. Which leads me to girl power, this show is ALL about girl power, every single female character on this show is brave, and bold and follows their dreams. Whether its Hilda's dream to open a salon, or how Claire won't stop at anything to protect her children, these women are making things happen. These women are important to have on television because they are a reminder to the world that women can make something of themselves, that they are more than just the Bachelorette, or famous for making a sex tape. They are smart, beautiful, dynamic women HEAR THEM ROAR. This show was a work of art and totally got the Sasssquatch Seal of Approval.

So remember ladies, confidence is key. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are talented, you are kind and you are brilliant, don't forget to B yourself.

Have a wonderful evening
Keep it Ugly,


  1. Ok, now I can love you with all of my heart!! I cannot help but agree with every word: I spent years, trying to make people understand the importance of Betty under the surface. Thank you for this post.

  2. that last sentence is what I needed!
    thank you!
    wanna follow each other?yes no?


  3. Still pissed of that they didn't get to develop Mark Indelicato/Justin Suarez's character more because they got cancelled. I also love that you wrote this without a mention of the typical 'approach to homosexuality.' Cause UB dealt with alot more other issues ' like you mentioned' other than homesexuality. Awesome post. :)