Things I Dig: II

Things I dig
(August 20th - 27th)

This weeks rendition of things I dig comes to you in 5 parts.

1. My New Posters
If you have a dorm you'll realize that your walls are very lonely, so I purchased these two posters on eBay (they were like $5 each). They are of course my favorite movie and one of my favorite bands so of couse I had to buy these and they go with my general pink ambiance.  
and if yall have any other art you want to send me hit a girl up! my walls are EMPTY!!!

2. Green Tea Ice cream/Matcha Anything
While they never spell my name right at any coffee location, their yummy green tea blended dreams leave me without a single complaint. Personally I prefer going to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to Starbucks only because they are called "Matcha ice blended's" at CBTL vs. "Green Tea FRAPPUCCINO" boy how I loathe that word, it makes me feel like a 12-year-old. Anywho, if you havent tried matcha yet you must hop on the band wagon posthaste!

3. Dreamy talented boyz
This boy in particular, Edward Nguyen, is not only really dreamy but REALLY talented as well. 
I'm featuring him in the Things I Dig post because I've spent a solid week together with him and I think he's groovy. 
His band, or two man compilation called Young Souls, is performing at this event called Raw Natural Born Artists, they have events all over the world but he will be specifically performing at the Honolulu one and if you happen to be in the area you should really go!
click here to listen to him sing 

4. The University of Hawaii at Manoa.
I know what you are thinking "Sasssquatch has school spirit???" To which I enthusiastically reply with "RAH RAH SISBOOMBAH!!!" Okay, I'm a walking talking hyperbole, I know this by now. Back to my point, while I may not be wearing a UH Manoa foam finger to a game, or getting a rainbow tattooed on my back, I really do love my school.

Its a quirky school but its my school and its the perfect school for me. Sure there is constantly construction going on, people seem to walk really slowly, there is always a line at starbucks and you can't use your meal plan at paradise palms, but you know what? I will continue to love it until I have a degree in my hands and I'm a wrinkly old nostalgic bag. 
Plus I mean, I've discovered the craziest things at my school I mean, just look at this

My school is actually perfect.
And hey, if you are interested in applying I recommend it! Also contact me if you have more specific questions.  

5.  "Skate Better"
I find that my fifth point in this section always seems to be the most philosophical so lets just go with that. This week, the fifth thing I dig is "Skate Better." Have you ever seen the 1998 Disney Movie called Brink! (exclamation mark is included)? If not you need to find it somewhere on youtube. But anyway the film is about these teenage rollerbladers  excuse me, aggressive inline skaters who are part of a team that doesnt skate for money juxtaposed by another team who is, then Brink needs money, yadda yadda, you should see the movie for a proper synopsis especially because someone hacked the wikipedia page hahaha. But anyway the point I'm trying to get at is there is this quote in the movie, Brink is at a lost for what he should do about life or whatever his problem was (as you can tell I havent seen this movie in forever) and then he says "skate better" simply enough but for some reason that quote stuck with me. 
Whenever you are down and out just skate better, be better, stop feeling sorry for yourself and just DO IT!!

Oaky onto an outfit that I wore, that I liked.

Top: American Apparel
Skirt: H&M 
Shoes: Aldo

This is one of my transitional, summer into fall, despite the fact that its still fucking hot, outfits. 

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day,
and look forward to my next Things I Dig, coming to you probably sometime next week haha

Have a great day
and please,
keep it sassy,

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