Things I dig (August 12-19, 2012)

Things I dig.
In true Tyler Oakley fashion, I thought I'd start making weekly vlogs blogs where I talk about my favorite things of the week.

Because if you've read my blog at all, you know how often I get obsessed with things.

So a few things that I've been obsessed with this week are:

1. My Yoshitomo Nara Phone Case and Valley of the Dolls.
I've been obsessed with Yoshitomo Nara since I saw an exhibit he did in Honolulu almost 7 years ago.
His art work has such expression and evokes such interesting emotions, not to mention his characters are really cute. So when I got on Ebay and I found this case I just about jumped out of my skin. 
And if you read my last post, you know damn well why I'm enjoying this book, at least the beginning has  been great thus far, plus I'm trying to read as much as I can before school starts!

2. Organization
If you didn't know, I moved into my dorm on thursday, and our room is so cramped, I've realized that organization is KEY. My sweet roommate Cami and I have been trying to use organization to maximize  the space we have, cause its very limited.
I want to show yall my room but its not 100% ready yet, but don't worry, you'll see it
BUT if you wanna see what my dorm looked like click this picture of me lying suggestively on my bed.
I can't believe its been almost a year since then, that's nuts!

3. Weeds

As you might've noticed from reading my blog, I love television, and I love how Netflix allows me to watch entire series. So After Pretty Little Liars, and Ugly Betty, I'm currently watching Weeds. This show is really well written (I Love ShowTime series') and I'm really enjoying it thus far.
Let me know if there is any other show I should watch, and don't even fret, I totally have seen the US of Tara expect a blogpost about that relatively soon.

4. My Jam of the week 
Now, yall know I'm no music expert. In fact, I listen to pretty dreadful music BUT I thought, why not include my latest jam.
I'm a HUGE fan of Lana Del Rey, I've been talking about her on and off since my sister Devon first showed me her music in late November of last year. 
And after listening to her album until my CD looked like a scratching post beyond mere toothpaste repair, SHE RELEASED NEW MUSIC. And while it sounds like actually music this go around, I'm not a HUGE fan of all of it, but this song I actually am really feeling.
Its up beat, its catchy, it sounds like she's saying "tupac sweetheart," I'm a fan.
and its all thanks to my dear friend Sofi (who played this for me) and UP ALL NIGHT

Now if you really want to hear GOOD music. 
Check out my this blog called Up All Night, by Leah B and my dear friend Ramsey!
(click the picture...you know you want too)
They release great songs and remixes and I know them personally and I can honestly say they are two fly chickies. Their website is super groovy not to mention Ramsey's glorious photography, and hey, who doesn't like to support two bad bitches? so I highly recommend checking them out, especially because I wouldn't trust my music taste alone.

5. Change
With this move and some exciting job news my world feels like a rubix cube. And while that may be overwhelming and complicated its also really exciting. Its one of those times you really have to jump in head first because any inhibitions will completely thwart the process.
SO get out there people, become the person you want to be and handle all this stress with as much grace and organization as possible, I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Now before I go to work I thought I'd show off my outfit, and don't worry, I'm bringing my tripod to my dorm soon.
 I'm working and then the final organization before my first day of my Sophomore year of college tomorrow!

Top- American Apparel

Shorts- Roxy

Orbital Necklace- Vivenne Westwood

Pink Necklace- Top Shop

(I'm wearing boring shoes)

I'm nervous about tomorrow, I have no clue what to wear! Its crazy, I have a hard time believing its been a whole year since I moved into the dorms in the first place and started my freshman year, now I have over 30 credits already stacked up and I'm hopefully starting to work on my actual major.

Life does move pretty fast Ferris Buller.

Thats it Ladies and Germs,
Have a wonderful day
Keep it Sassy.

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  1. Why are you so lovely?! I wish I went to Hawaii for Uni and we were room mates! xo