These Pollys' Were Made for Walkin'

I love high heels.

but when I'm talking heels, I don't just mean any heels, I'm talking Pollys'.
Now Polly's are just any heel, they were worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Bianca Jagger, Deborah Harry and your very own Sasssquatch.

These shoes are created by Polly of California, which has been making these hand crafted wooden platform heels out of LA since 1961. 
The shoes were distributed through Betsey Johnson and her daughter Lulu Johnson separate shoe labels. 

Now, y'all know how much I love Betsey Johnson and I've been buying pollys' since I've been shopping Betsey, so I thought I'd show off my tiny collection!

My first pair: The Pink Python.
I wore these to many school functions (as you can tell they are a little worn)
But they match with everything I wear, they are completely worn in and they are my first pair and favorite pair of heels ever.

Then classic black leather. 
Simple yet timeless. 

These are my Elle Woods heels,
chunky rosey-pink glitter, these are from the Lulu Johnson label
my sister found them on ebay and gave me a random surprise present, Devon is an excellent gift giver.
And the best part about buying them from ebay is that they are already worn in.

Cream Glitter Polly.
These look so lovely in the light
These I bought closer to the closing of our store, and they make me very happy.

Gold Carrie Polly.
These bow pollys' made me so happy, they were introduced along with a pink pair and they were the last new pair introduced to the stores.
These are a bit more uncomfortable but they make an excellent addition to my collection.

Then my confetti pollys'
These are my FAVORITE, oh my word, not only were they one of the few pollys' to have an ankle strap and knot but with all the colors in the glitter they actually match with EVERYTHING.
They are so comfy, and so pretty, GAH I simply adore them.

These are my silver gems!
The bow ones I got damaged-out because they were missing a gem, and the other ones I bought for a school dance, and they are both simply to die for.
I love owning silver and gold heels because no matter what jewelry I wear, I have something to match.

Now my collection has been growing for a long time, but its never to late to start one of your very own.
While Polly's are now tricky to find, you can look for them on ebay, or buy them directly from Polly of California. These shoes are the perfect shoe for any formal occasion, with the platform and wooden feel they give your feet comfort all while keeping your feet ridiculously stylish. 

Keep reading because I have yet to feature my sister Devon's collection. 
She's been collecting them much longer than I have and her collection would make Marilyn Monroe weep!

What were your first pair of heels like?
Have a great day and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. 1. Good choice; 2. Thank you ^^; 3. Ok! Do you still have my email address? We can organize!; 4. Thank you again!; 5. This shoes are amazing... I should buy a pair!

  2. What a great and informative post about shoes!!! I am so obsessed with the last ones especially, and the Elle Woods ones of course. I just watched Legally Blonde last night... classic