There are certain traditions that I will always remember. 
My family is very small yet very quirky, and to honor those who have passed we try to do things that remind us of them. For example my grandparents on both sides would say "rabbit rabbit" first thing every month for good luck.

My dress is from TopShop
The sweater is vintage Nanette Lapore

The jaguar pin is vintage

and the shoes are from Aldo

I was also told that parking while in tunnels is good luck. 
And that every person should carry a handkerchief
Growing up I was told my Grandpa Bud always had one in his coat pocket, we then started referring to  handkerchiefs as "grandpa buds"
so dont forget to bring one with you
especially during allergy season

Have a great day and PLEASE
Keep it Sassy,

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  1. Every time you reference your family in any of your posts, they always sound like the most amazing people on the face of the planet. I love this outfit on you-- you look amazing and your hair is perf.