My 3 year Tumblverssary

Ladies and Gentlemen



yes, I've spent over 5 hours on tumblr a day for three years now

I'm that cool.

Okay now that we've established that I've been the coolest girl on the internet since 2009 (not) hahah, I'd like to reflect a little bit about how this measly ole social networking site has actually changed my life.
To begin I have to share my first post ever, its just actually too cute.
So this is my first Tumblr blog and to be honest I’m pretty damn excited. So I’m basically average in all aspects of life. I love the color purple but not The Color Purple. I love the Catcher in the Rye but not Rye bread. I like playing with words but remeber words can hurt you, so I play nicely. I’m currently going to some training camp thing which ought to be interesting…..probably not. Anywho today my day will be so much better now that I have found the love of my sixteen year old life and his name is Tumblr. I dont know how i’ve exsisted this long without such a glorious husband.
So I have a holga camera, I like to take pictures, follow me friendshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/sasssquatch/ anyway i’m taking pictures for my independent project at school which is a silly idea to get us to do something other than school. I like holligans and going on shenangins with said Holligans. I love big words I try to use them in every day life, my current favorite word is Saturnine meaning totally emo and gloomy AMAZING.
I love china town adventures and I love photo safaris. I love clothing more than anything. I love shopping at goodwill for excellent shopping finds! I’m sadly not really an animal person which no one seems to understand. I love big straw hats they seriously make my life.
Oh and I always overexaggerate, its too fun not too, i also lie occasionally but only to make life more fun, I will never be able to lie as well as my sister she is a boss at lying.
So you’re probably asking yourself why should I read this girls tumblr?
WHY THE HELL NOT is the response i have for you
thanks lovelys,
I'm sorry, I think I was cute.
Slightly pretentious but cute.
This blog started as a way to spend my time. A way to vent my feelings, it was like a diary, and at that time NO ONE had even heard about it. Us tumblarity tumblr users realized early on that we were part of a Fight Club-esque league where the number one rule was you don't speak of tumblr.

 I can date my first GPOY ever, August 25th, do you guys realize that this is history right here. I've probably taken over a million GPOY's and that was the first, and sadly one of my least favorite pictures of me. Upon reading the caption I was reminded that this was the face a crotchy substitute teacher brought upon my face when discussing Catcher in the Rye, he apparently didnt know what "spoiler alert" is. But it just makes me laugh going through my first few posts, I don't think my writing was half bad but I had such a skewed outlook on the world, I had no idea about anything but felt like I had all the answers. I continued taking out GPOY's and sorting out my feelings on this website .

I'd spend all of my high school classes on tumblr because it was still obscure and not blocked off the schools server.

I began to make tumblr friends from all over the world that are still my friends to this date and some even better than irl friends.

I think I just had so much angst and tumblr was my only vice. I needed it when I couldn't talk to anyone else, or when I couldn't articulate my feelings into proper confrontation.  I put my foot in my mouth A LOT on tumblr and it was the source of  A LOT of conflict in these past three years, but I wouldn't take it back or even blame the website, if anything I learned to grow up from this website. 

Tumblr intrinsically is nothing more than an electronic cork-board in a teen-girl bedroom, we display the photos we wish to see and expel the dreams we wish to achieve. And while we get caught up in this teen-girl bedroom, fantasizing about Skins, or whatever fandom of your choice while lying flat on our backs and staring at the ceiling on our fluffy white comforter while we twiddle the phone chord between our two fingers we are left wondering, is this...okay? Is this reality or merely a representation of what we wish our reality was? And to that statement I must simply say, tumblr is what you make it. Tumblr has provided me with a wonderful support group and beautiful things to look at and dream about while in the safety of my comforter, and while that might not be living the dream, I'm only 19, I still have dreaming to do, and I must say whether it be 2009 or 2012, I'm still a big dreamer and I thank tumblr for that. 

I put "obtaining over 1,000 tumblr followers" as an achievement in my senior year book. And while that may not mean a lot to the average folk, us pussycats know that its kind of a big deal. 

So if you are reading this from my tumblr THANK YOU. I want to thank each and everyone of you for these wonderful years and I look forward to the next three and six and ten and however long I have tumblr because I can guarantee that the only way I won't have tumblr is if I have no fingers or spill another beer on my computer. 
We've grown up together pussycats, and its cool to think that tumblr has grown up with us. 
I mean lets all admit we are so happy that we're all beyond this...

I certainly do not miss those tumbots. 

 now I must be getting back to tumblr, I recently downloaded missing e. and Its safe to say, since august 23 2009, tumblr and I have been in the happiest committed relationship in the world.
Have a tumblry day
and PLEASE keep it sassy

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  1. oh my god this is the cutest sweetest post I have ever read. I totally know what you mean, I started tumblr'ing in year 8/9 so like... 3/4 years ago as well WOW. I have made a lot of relationships through tumblr (ie. YOU ^.^) and I sometimes forget how great it has been at the times of my lives when I used it.

    Catcher in the Rye is my fave book also.. and dream of travelling to sydney and partying with me okay cool