Legs for Days.

Despite the fact that this blog is dedicated to fashion, I haven't done a strictly fashion post in awhile
so here goes. 

Now, readers, as you probably know, I do not wear pants.
When I say that I mean it, I really don't wear pants like ever, unless they are shorts or pajamas I generally just avoid pants.
My general distaste for legwear comes from my love of flowy dresses and my lack of confidence for my "lady lumps."  

BUT, ladies and gents, I've solved that problem, and the solution comes in the form of palazzo pants.

I've created three different looks with three different pairs of these amazing pants.

The first being my Cabanna look.

These pants were purchased at Betsey Johnson before everything got sad. 
But I love them, they are my 100% silk, Real Housewife of Orange County pants.
I paired it with a vintage black corset, a Forever21 black and white sunhat and my new heels from Aldo

Then my Everyday look.

These pants were also purchased at Betsey Johnson before everything got sad.
I paired them with a tight, short sleeved American Apparel black leotard, a mint green Aldo purse, and my sister Hayley's Jeffery Campbell heels.

I wore this look to work the other day and it work perfectly, my hair was out of my face and I could bend down and not worry about anyone seeing anything that I didn't want them too. 

These pants are so comfortable and I  got so many compliments on them!

Lastly, my Elegant look.

These palazzos and shirt are both from Diane Von Furstenberg stolen from my mothers closet.
She's got the cutest stuff, and I actually saw her wearing these two together and I stole her entire outfit, so thanks Mama Hughes. I paired it with a vintage set of pearls that I turned into a double chain by tying the ends together with a ribbon. I'm also wearing my sister Hayleys, Urban Outfitters t-strap black heels.

This outfit is so elegant and so very comfortable all while being stylish yet also conservative. 

Things to Remember:
  • When wearing loose palazzo pants, a tighter top whether its a bandeaux, or a leotard or a tank top  really accentuate your tiny waist and make you look tiny. 
  • You shouldn't wear a loose top and loose pants because it might look Pajama-y.
  • Don't be afraid to hem your pants so they fit you perfectly, I hemmed each pair and its really easy to do.
  • Heels are your friend, they help elongate your legs and make sure you don't look like you are tripping over your pants. But remember if your pants go past your heels cause you don't wanna look like one of those people who wear stilts with the really long pants.

I hope I gave you some insight into my favorite current trend
here are some places to find stuff like it
let me know if you liked this post and if you have any ideas
Have a great day
keep it sassy,


  1. I love Palazzo pants, they are so good to wear when you want to look stylish but be totally comfy.