I am the Master of the Club.

While the title of this post may have you thinking "Caelan, since when have you been a club frequenter?"
And before you're mind begins to unwind several tangents that lead to a spider web of incorrect ideas, I'm just gonna say, I was just trying to be witty.
While I do not frequent night clubs, or "exotic" clubs (god can you imagine?) I am THE CLUBMASTER.
or I wear, for that matter. 
Clubmasters or "browline" glasses were the most popular style of glasses in the 1950s and 60's. While named "brow line" originally because the frames frame the lenses like eyebrows frame your eyes, Ray-Ban revamped the glasses in the 1980s and they were officially called "the club master."

These glasses are quintessential to American history, framing the eyes of many famous faces.
(photocredit embedded in the photo)

For example, Colonel Sanders, Malcom X and even James Dean.

 and of course celebrities from more recent years, but who wants to see another picture of RPatz in a slouchy beanie, flannel and club masters? I mean really?

What I love most about these specs is how classic they are.
As we all know, fashion trends come and go faster than a revolving door at Aldo Etc.. on sale day which is everyday (bitches be crazy).
But these are my trademark, I have them in blue and pearl  and I've had other types of sunnies but no matter what I always go back to them.
I've had them since 2008, when I had long hair and my biggest concern was collecting Teen Vogue magazines and organizing my collection that dates from November 2004.
This specific pair of club master has actually been with me  this entire time, which I think is pretty cool.

They've been with me through my expensive name-brand phase...

and my grunge phase...

and all the trips I've been on...

They are probably the only constant in my wardrobe. 

And like my main men, Colonel Sanders and Malcolm X, I will probably wear these till the end of me, and maybe when I'm rich and famous and they discuss my contribution to the fashion world posthumously, people will remember me with these very specs...or not, whatever haha

So if I haven't convinced you by now that you want to own a pair of these cool-kid shades
here are places to buy them
My pair is from Ray-Ban $145 click Rayban

They also have like a ton of other club master styles
Go nuts people.

But they also have this pair of Vans Club Masters for $10 click here

Which I would definitely recommend first, see if you love them, then make the lofty investment.
Its one of those things, they seem like a lot of money, I've had mine for over 4 years, if you take their price 145, and divide that by how many days I've owned them and worn them (assuming I wore them daily) they cost me less then 0.09 cents per day, thats so completely worth it.

So whether you wear Janis Jopplin circle frames, Risky Business wayfarers or even my favorite club masters always remember to wear your sunnies and protect those lovely eyes of yours!
Have a lovely day
Keep it sassy,


  1. i've been convinced, not only are you la club master but your also a total badass. Right now I'm really into cat eye sunglasses because I'm forever a 5 year old girl.

  2. so cute! It looks pretty on you..

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  3. I love my club master sunglasses. I got them for $4 at an army surplus store yay!