How to Survive: Wisdom Teeth Removal

A Sassy Girl's Survival Guide:
Wisdom Teeth Removal

A new segment I've created to help you in tricky situations.
So to begin, I got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, and I'm gonna be honest, its as awful as everyone says.

Now, wisdom teeth removal is a right of passage for us bipedal humanoids, when you reach a certain age (between 17-35), your dentist will probably recommend getting your third molars (wisdom teeth) taken out to avoid painful impacted teeth or a crowded mouth. 

So I've made a list of things to remember and to hopefully prepare you when this pretty much unavoidable situation comes knocking at your door.

1. Don't panic. 
This whole ordeal is unavoidable so panicking will do you absolutely nothing. 
2. Go in early.
Your surgeon will be alert, you can wear your pajamas to your operation (which I totally recommend) and you'll have the whole day to relax and heal.
3. Bring your iPod.
This is vital for two main reasons: 
A. it stops your dentist and their assistants from talking to you, because everyone hates that.
 B. When you are sitting in the dentist chair, scared and in pain, I recommend listening to music that reminds you of a really awesome time. I listened to the song stylings of Rilo Kiley because I listened to them while I was on a road trip in the pacific northwest, and I can't help but remember that time when I'm listening to Jenny Lewis' sweet soundful melodies despite being in total pain! Its like a brain vacation!
4. Get Them All Pulled At Once
Funny story, when my dad was 17 he went down to get his teeth removed, after minor complications resulting in a stuck tooth and two extra hours in the dentist chair he scurried out of the dentist office with only 2 teeth removed. Scarred from the whole ordeal he didn't return to get the other two removed for 45 years, I kid you not, my father waited 45 years to get the other two out. so ladies and gents, learn from this mistake, rip it off like a band-aid.
5. Make sure you have someone to take care of you
My sweet mother has referred to me as her "little puff"for the past five days and has treated me extra special, she also keeps reminding me how brave I am and what a big girl I've become.
I love moms.
6. Mashed Potatoes and Ice Cream will be your best friends.
But make sure you eat both, because too much ice cream and pain killers is a disastrous combination (trust me)
7. You will be puffy. 

Don't try to be cute or stylish, just go with it. 
If you keep ice packs on your face it'll help the swelling.
8. Full TV series on Netflix 
While I was sick I watched all of Pretty Little Liars, for this particular potato occasion, I've been watching Ugly Betty, I also recommend: Summer Heights High, Malcolm in the Middle, The United States of Tara, Toddlers in Tiaras, Pushing Daisies and Skins.
Having a TV show to watch not only take up a good majority of your time but its a good way to escape from all the pain and puff-ness
9. "Mermaid Time"
now "mermaid time" is something I invented, and thats when you gargle salt water. 
It helps with the healing of your wounds and it should help with the pain.
and yes, I am three-years old.
10. Its Okay.
Its okay to be scared. 
Its okay to be in pain. 
Its okay to cry.
And once you've done it, you are part of a club of survivors, and everyone (or at least 95% of the world) can totally relate to you. And I think thats pretty cool. 

also don't forget to take your medication, and ask about keeping your teeth, they'll make a cool keep sake (I wanna turn mine into a charm bracelet!)

So I hope that helped,
let me know about your experience getting your wisdom teeth pulled
and let me know if you have any other survival guide requests.
Have a wonderful day
and please
keep it sassy,


  1. I wish you wrote this 2 years ago when I got mine out! Also I wish I wasn't a chicken and asked to keep my teeth!! :(

  2. Did you get them removed surgically or just plain old pulled out? My younger sister had hers removed from her jaw (they weren't showing yet but were already being little bitches) and it seemed she was in AGONY for about a week after... Hence why I am putting off getting mine removed.

  3. You are amazing! And the little hamster' style is in fashion, don't you know?
    ps. I hope you have seen Skins UK and not Skins USA. Otherwise, I'll forgive you anyway...

  4. Your poor face! So much sympathy, absolutely hate dentists x

  5. Mmy face is all puffy I HATE IT!! :( have a job intervview in 4 days i hope it goes away :'(

  6. Mmy face is all puffy I HATE IT!! :( have a job intervview in 4 days i hope it goes away :'(

  7. This is helpful haha I'm in pain and need em out ASAP! Well just one is killing me I'm gettig mines surgically removed, I went through a teeth work already I just want to KO and wake up with out them! >.< this is coming from a girl whom already had 5 teeth pulled ( I have braces) so yeah... I'm nervous like a mutha..&/??-a! I want them all gone all at once lol not sure why I'm nervous... Is like I'm traumatized!!!! :( I'm honestly scare!