How to Survive: First Day of School

A Sassy Girl's Survival Guide: The First Day of School.
1. Be Prepared
This is simple, you do not want to be that person who is a mess. Buy your suplies early, pick out your outfit the night before. Preparation is essential to organization and organization makes this whole process so much easier.
I whole heartily recommend getting a planner, make sure it has week by week and an overal month calendar, us Pussycats need to be prepared.
I love my Kate Spade planner, it's my bible (and its funny because it looks like a bible)
My dear friend Sofi got me these "shut the fuck up" pencils that just make me happy and are a great conversation starter with strangers.
and my magical unicorn backpack from Aldo, ITS SO SPARKLY.

2. Be Punctual
Every class you should be punctual, heck in life you should be punctual pussycats, I find it the least desirable characteristic to be late ever. But anywho whether its your first day, or you are on a wait-list trying to get into a class, punctuality is most important. Wake up early and get ready not rushed and walk to class leisurely, it'll help keep you distressed. Then when you get to class, introduce yourself to the professor and pick the best seat (another perk of being an early bird).
3. Get a Good Sleep
There is nothing worse when trying to make a good impression on a professor or a dreamy boy right next to you than yawning up a storm. QUIT THAT, sleep early and be alert, coffee, COFFEE, COFFEE.
4. Be Friendly to Everyone
If you don't have class with your friends its okay, sit by someone who looks approachable and be friendly. Make a quick joke or compliment them, it'll make everything easier, especially because I've notice that all my professors seem to LOVE group projects, so at least you'll have a cohort. 
5. Pick out your most Jaunty Ensemble
First impressions are EVERYTHING, so you wanna make sure you are looking your BEST on the first day! Today, I'm going to be wearing this dashing ensemble.

Dress- American Apparel
Sweater- Betsey Johnson
Necklaces: TopShop
Socks: TopShop
Shoes: Unknown
Bracelete: Aldo

Forgive my surly expression, and my neighbors laundry supplies (I don't do my own laundry haha) It was stressing my out trying to find a place to shoot. 
But don't get me wrong I'm EXCITED!!

Final Thoughts:
Don't be nervous about today (even though my stomach is doing cartwheels), if you follow these steps and be alert, speak up when you have something to say, don't be afraid to ask questions, listen very carefully when the teacher is talking and be the happiest you you can be then you will be great.

I wish you all the best of luck

Here is a great playlist my sister made called pensandpencils and I recommend it for getting in the backtoschoolvibe.

So I hope that helped.
I wish you the best of luck
and don't forget
Keep it Sassy,


  1. you have made me so excited to go back to uni! i don't start back until september the 17th, but i'm moving into a new house just before then and i can't waittttt. i'm a stationery hoarder, so i'm excited to go on a binge soon.

  2. You're right: everyone should be at their very best, the first day. My university will start only at the end of September, but I will remember your advices! I hope your first day has gone splendidly ^^
    ps. your first-day-outfits is lovely.

  3. You look so cute. I love this dress. I love dayplanners in theory and to just, like, hold in my hand, but never have mastered actually using them.

  4. This post made me so happy and excited! I leave Wednesday for Uni and I cannot wait. You've totally inspired this pussycat, and I really want to buy a planner now. Love you lots! xox Cass

  5. adoring the pencils and your collar :D and your haaaaaaair <3


  6. This is a great list! Your outfit is soo nice. The cardigan is PERFECT.

  7. Just wanted to ask, where did you get your backpack? And also, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! Wish I had the courage so do that!