Goodbye Aldo Etc...(and Exciting Job Announcement)

Goodbye Aldo Etc... :(

(left to right: Me, Blayze, Reyna)

If you are new here there is something you should know, I've worked a few jobs so far, I went from being an assistant art teacher to working at a boutique, to high-end retail, to clearance shoes; a cornucopia of different people, stories and experiences. 

Upon hearing the news of Betsey Johnson's closure of all her retail locations I quickly began searching for a new job posthaste. Finding jobs in this economy is hard, especially after working high-end retail with an amazing pay and having pink hair, its hard to just hop into another job so quickly.

But then I was given the opportunity to work at Aldo Etc.. by my best friend Blair and it quickly became a quintessential part to my retail career.

Now you guys may or may not have realized but I'm not really a shoe girl, don't get me wrong, I obviously understand the fundamental purpose of shoes, (I need to keep my piggies safe when they go to the market) but I just never really bothered to go out there shopping for them. I would buy a pair and wear them to death and then onto the next shoe.

I can safely assure you that I didn't shop at Aldo much less go to the third level of Ala Moana (there are mole people down there) but I took the job with enthusiasm.

I'm not gonna sugar coat things for you, there were aspects of the job that I absolutely hated: cheap customers, mall trolls, infinite returns (Betsey had an "all sales final" return policy), rude customers and the location was just atrocious. 

But there was a silver lining to this store I once called home, and that is the AMAZING product and the AMAZING coworkers. Again as I mentioned prior, I never shopped Aldo previously, but within minutes in the store I fell in love with so many different items. They product is good, if anything people don't realize how good the deals really are. What I love most about the Aldo Etc.. store is that we were able to help people who didnt have a lot of money, we could make ANYONE look fabulous for under $20. I just think  intrinsically that makes the company better than most, they arent just trying to get top dollar for their shoes and accessories but they are trying to make a difference in the average shoppers wardrobe. 

Then there are my coworkers, they made the job so incredibly fun, whether it was Max speaking in a pidgin accent, Jen and Bre with their amazing hair and adorable banter, Blayze and all our hours spent girltalking, sweet Holly and Lauren with their adorable outfits,  Reyna my soul sister and all the jokes we had, I could seriously go on an hour long tangent about each and everyone of them but to spare you I say, if you are ever in the Honolulu area and you need shoes at an awesome price please go to Aldo Etc... on the bottom floor of Ala moana right next to Tricked out Accessories, and the As Seen on TV Store (you see what I mean about location?)

I thought I'd show you all the items I've purchased at Aldo thus far.
(My adorable little warwick oxfords, they are tres comfortable, brand new and available in black $70)

(My Cinderella silver sweetheart pumps, they are available at the clearance store $40)

(My Thelma and Louise "Mandina" boot, currently available in bone and coniac $115)

(My hardney wedge, I could only find one so enjoy the photo, these are the most comfortable wedge I've ever walked in EVER.

(cream and black faux ostrich belt $18)

(then all my jewelry, all items were under $18)

Remember ladies and gentlemen, size really does matter when it comes to Aldo we just got half sizes in lol.

I love this mint green patent leather plastic purse, its my current purse and I think its super Kawaii.

My favorite black clutch, the black enamel studs give it a tougher edge.

and you guys have already met my sparkly backpack <3

This store and job has taught me a lot about people, a lot about working retail and a lot of random stuff I'm probably going to never need to know. But hey, being able to calculate 30% off of any price may come in handy some day, you never know.

now onto some exciting job news.

I'm leaving Aldo Etc... to work at
(drum roll)
I cant really say much else till I sign all the paperwork and what not, but be excited people!

Anywho that is all I have to say for this evening
this pussycat is ready for her beauty sleep
have a great evening and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. I've been looking everywhere for that green purse..it's too cute! If you ever want to sell it please let me know! tessagraves@gmail.com