Dear Pussycat,

"Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere,"
famously said by Helen Gurley Brown, seems as if she gets the best of both worlds now.

Helen Gurley Brown has passed away today at the age of 90.

While the name might not sound familiar, her legacy ought to be remembered for generations on. 
Ms.Brown was the original Carrie Bradshaw, being an author, a publisher, a business woman and most notably, the editor of Cosmo magazine for 32 years.
Throughout her entire life she was a powerful force behind women's liberation and sexual freedom.
Ms. Brown taught women that sex is a positive thing, and that we should be proud of our sex lives, because sex is something fun. 
She taught us that being a single girl is not a death wish and that we should explore the world and people in it.
And that we should take pride in our appearance and do all we can to be the best us, we can be.
While sex is completely saturated in our mainstream media today, Brown really was at the forefront of women's sexual liberation, touching on subjects that the media hadn't dared before. She wasn't afraid to talk about sex, or pelvic exercises, faking orgasms or other subject matter that was deemed unspeakable before.
She denounced slut shamming and she also created the working single woman in the 60's before the second wave of feminism even started. 
She was a pioneer business woman and publisher, completely saving cosmopolitan magazine from failing and transforming it and other fashion/women's health magazines into what they are today.
She taught us women that we can actually do WHATEVER we want, we can be successful on our own and we can have happy positive sex lives.
Here are my 5 favorite quotes, found in a TheDailyBeast article
"Never Fail to know that if you are doing all the talking, you are boring somebody"
"If you're not a sex object, you're in trouble"
"A man likes to sleep with a brainy girl. She's a challenge. If he makes good with her, he figures he must be good himself"
"How could any woman not be a feminist? The girl I'm editing for wants to be known for herself. If that's not a feminist message, I don't know what is."

“So you’re single! You can still have sex. You can have a great life. And if you marry, don’t just sponge off a man or be the gold-medal-winning mother. Don’t use men to get what you want in life - get it for yourself!”

This post isn't just in homage due to her passing, but in fact a celebration for this woman's life and her influence on not only me but also my mother.
My mother has been telling me about Helen Gurley Brown since I was a young girl, leaving post-its with HGB quotes on our refrigerator and giving me high fives at any success I've made for myself.
She handed me Ms.Browns book "I'm Wild Again," with the passage "Letter to my daughter" dog-eared.
While Ms.Brown didn't have children herself, she wrote a letter to a fictitious child she named "Anna Marie." Despite dear Anna Marie, I feel as if this letter is written directly to me. I can't seem to get ahold of a digital copy but I definitely recommend any young lady to find themselves a copy of this book and read this letter. 
Its the most honest advice and take on the world that I've seen next to my own mothers wisdom of course.
So have a cosmo or some sex, 
live your life pussycats,
because if there is anything we can learn from Helen Gurley Brown is that we must
keep it sassy,

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  1. Such a sad loss, she sounds like a real inspiration, fab post though lovely, I really enjoyed reading it - you're a great writer.